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I am sure you eat the salt daily bases. The salt is used in curry, salat, and snacks almost in everything which we eat. But the table salt which majority of people are using is not good for health!!

The salt is made naturally with the solar evaporation method. So it is completely natural but when it comes to your hands it is becoming unhealthy. For the texture, softness, and white color the salt is processed and many things are added in addition. Now, this process removes all-natural ingredients from your salt and added some bad ingredients to your salt. This salt can make you unhealthy in long term.

So which salt is good for health?

Rock salt and black salt are 100% natural and unrefined. These salts have the same taste like table salt but they are more healthy options. If you compare table salt or light salt with the rock, black salt is more expensive but they are worth your money!!

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Hope this article will help you!!

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