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Are you obsessed with the news? Are you reading and watching the news too much? You are landed in this article then definitely you one of the people who really wanted to quit the news. You will get news on every corner of the internet you open Google you get the news on every search, you open YouTube you will get news videos. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the reasons for "Why You Should Stop Reading News?".

Why You Should Stop Watching / Reading News?

1) News is mostly biased:

Have you noticed some news publications or channels mostly share a particular type of news? They always try to defend someone and always try to support someone. They simply ignore the news/incidents which are not suitable for their interest. Why do they do this you ever thought? The main reason is that news publications or channels mostly have a major audience who shares a particular side or interest. Now, these publications or channels are just full filling the interest and requirements of their audience. Now if you closely follow them then you will find different versions of the incidents presented in these publications or channels. This presentation is mostly based on one side which is mainly the major audience side. So overall why do you read the news, for getting updated with different incidents, to know what is really happening which will influence your decisions. But this is the sad reality that these publications or channels mostly present their interest or agenda and do not share the truth. They just share one side of the story which they blindly support. So think you really wanted to be updated with these lies and one-sided narrations?

2) News is useless and just a waste of time:

You will get the news mostly about tragic incidents and different updates. Just think after reading all this news have you ever really been able to make any changes or provide any help. Most times you are not able to do anything! The tragic incidents are happening you will not able to change or stop them. The updates which are made or making you not able to stop them most times. So if you think then the news is mostly useless and a waste of time which will not be going to lead to any conclusions for you!

3) News gives you stress, sadness, and unwanted curiosity:

Have you ever got happy after reading any news? Mostly you will be curious or sad or get stressed after reading the news. Some news makes you curious to know more about it. This curiosity will make me read/watch different versions of the news. This will get your time from you. The news is mostly negative and dark. Just like the crime news, tragic incident news. All this will make you sad and depressed. This sadness will change your lifestyle and also will lead to sleepless nights. In most cases, you are one of the people who support some ideology or community. So if anything happens against your ideology or supported community you started getting stressed. This stress will affect your health and will make you sad. These feelings of stress, sadness, and unwanted curiosity are useless and harmful to you!

4) News does not give you knowledge:

Most news has never shared the knowledge. Apart from technical or world affairs or history or important updates news. Other news is mostly useless and just a waste of time. The news which just changes your opinion is not useful for you. If the news is sharing the knowledge which will be going to benefit you then that news is useful. So reading the news which gives you knowledge is good but most times news does not share knowledge.

Hope my points will going to help you to make the decision of avoiding the news!

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