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If you are a user of Reddit then you have seen some people profile which shows which post they upvoted or downvoted.  If you want people should see your upvotes-downvotes or you want to hide showing this. Then this article is for you.

You can see users downvotes and upvotes if he made it publicly viewable by using the following links:

Note: In the link on the place of "UserName" add the username of the user.

For looking at users Downvotes:

For looking at users Upvotes:

How To Make My Reddit Upvotes Public Or Private:

First login to your Reddit account.

Now Click Here, scroll down find the option "make my votes public" under "privacy options" then check it for making votes publicly visible and uncheck it for votes not visible to anyone. Now click on "Save Options", yes you are done:)

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)


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