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How do I start using the Brave browser?

I actually saw the advertisement on YouTube about brave browser. Which was telling how the Brave browser is better than Chrome and how it can save your time! Then I installed it and started using it.

What Is Brave Browser?

This is the same just like the other browser which gives you the platform to access the websites. This is just the same as the Chrome browser, in simple words I noticed this is like the twin brother of the Chrome browser. I noticed Chrome and Brave have the same interface and functionalities. I even noticed as soon as Chrome comes up with any new updates same updates are implemented in Brave.

What is the Difference Between Chrome And Brave Browser?

As I said they have the same interface and same functionality. But Brave blocks the advertisements including website ads, YouTube ads, Pop Ads, and all kinds of ads. So this will save you time. Also Brave gives you a reward for using their browser.

What Is Brave Browser Crypto?

Brave browser introduced the "Brave Browser Coin (BAT)". Just like other crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ApeCoin, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, BAT also has some value in the crypto market. This value changes time by time based on the demand of the coin.

BAT Current Price: Click Here!

How To Earn BAT In Brave Browser?

Just install the Brave browser on your laptop and mobile. Then start using the Brave browser, soon you start getting notification ads which you have to click and wait for 10 seconds on the opened website. This will give you BAT coins.

Brave Browser For PC: Click Here!

Brave App Android Download: Click Here!

How Much BAT Can You Earn?

I am using the Brave browser for more than 6 months. Each month by clicking on some ads approximately 4-10 ads per day. I earn 2-5 BAT per month.

Brave Browser Bad Reviews / Conclution Review:

The Brave browsers actually block all the advertisements including website ads and YouTube ads. Now the creators of websites and YouTube are losing the ad revenue when you are browsing in Brave. This is the best way to save your time. The annoying ads which you see on the website and two non-skippable ads on YouTube videos are now you no need to watch. Definitely, this browser will save your time and make your work faster. But in the end, the creators are losing their earnings. As a website writer, I have to give my 1-2 hours to writing every article. Still, I get very less views and get very less ad views. Now my revenue will get more decrease if all started using Brave. So surely I think this is a wrong thing where you are not giving the creator his reward just to save your time and earn a reward.

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