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People eat chicken meat for health benefits or a fit their body or just as a tasty dish. People buy chicken from malls where you get branded frozen chicken. Mainly in western countries people mainly buy frozen chicken and it will be delivered or purchased from shops or malls. But in countries like India, you will find butcher shops that cut the chicken in front of customers or they give meat from the already cut chicken. Now in both, the cases might be frozen chicken is not properly put under the fridge, or the butcher is just selling the already cut not fresh chicken. In both cases, if chicken meat is in bad condition then if you eat it then you might get diarrhea or any serious health issues. Also bad chicken tastes sour. So you need to be careful while cooking and serving your chicken meal.

I want to share my bad experience with you. On my birthday we decided to celebrate it with chicken curry. So we brought chicken from the butcher shop. We generally used to buy chicken from that butcher shop. So we did not examine the chicken. We cook the chicken curry then will we started eating chicken curry we found the chicken pieces are sour and tasted less. We had a big disappointment and we never purchased chicken from that butcher shop again. We just throw the whole curry after the hard work of cooking. Such a disappointing day!

If you want your health should not be compromised or your day should not be ruined then you must cross-check these things before cooking or buying the chicken!

1) Check the smell of chicken meat:

The meat gets bad very early if not properly put in a cold place. The meat will start giving a bad smell soon when it gets into bad condition! So make sure you just smell the meat if it smells like nothing or smells normal then you can consider it fresh. If chicken smells odour then you can consider it has bad chicken.

2) The color of chicken meat:

If the chicken color is pink it should be considered fresh. If the chicken looks grayish you can consider it has not fresh.

3) Check the look of chicken meat:

If you look properly into chicken meat and if you notice it is juice or fluffy then you can consider it fresh. If chicken looks dry and not juice then you can consider it has not fresh.

4) Touch and check:

When you touch chicken meat check if it has the elastic quality and it is able to stay in the same shape when you pressed chicken meat. Then you can consider it fresh.

Hope this article will help you to understand the difference between fresh and unfresh chicken.

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