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Are you a news lover? But now this love is hurting you? I guess that is your problem, news is definitely making you sad, depressed, and wasting your time. If you think you have to avoid the news. This article is presenting you with some ways which will help you to ignore the news.

How To Stop News Addiction?

1) Make yourself busy:

Start to make yourself busy with productive work, hobbies, watching movies/tv-shows, exercise, etc. As soon as your mind feels busy it will adjust and try to avoid your interest in the news. In this busy time, you can do what you love or do something productive which will make you happy.

2) Close all the doors for the news:

The best way to avoid the news is to hide from the news. Just make your browser or YouTube account not show any news feeds!

How To Stop News Feed On Chrome:

Click on the Settings button on the home page of Chrome. Just select the "Turn Off". 

How To Not See News On Youtube:

You are getting news videos on YouTube this is happening because you might saw some news videos. 

Now for the mobile, go to YouTube --> go to "Library" --> Click on "..." dots --> select "Clear all watch history".

Now for the PC, go to the YouTube home page --> Click on "..." dots --> select "Clear all watch history".

3) Replace your news interest:

If you are started avoiding the news then give yourself some replacement. So start reading books, and magazines or start watching some productive stuff. Spend a happy time with family and do something which you love!

Hope my article will help you to avoid news addiction!

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