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Every day we do lots of works, some we delay for doing later. But the problem is later we can't remember the work, for this purpose we use technology which helps us. I was looking for any simple app that can help me with this, I found this amazing app which makes a checklist for me. This can also be used for daily works, like you shedule you have to do all these works. Then add all the works in the checklist, one by one after completing you can check that work. It will make your life more simple.

So I am talking about this [Simplest Checklist(check list) App]. This is a very easy and simple app that allows you to make a checklist. I find this app as the best checklist app for android. So let's understand how you can use this app:

How to create a Checklist:

First, install the app, open the app, now click on the "+" sign and add your checklist.

How to check and uncheck the list:

By pressing on the box present in front of the checklist you can check and uncheck the list. Now if you want to uncheck all your checklist then click on right bottom corner 3 dots ":" this will ask you to "Uncheck All", then press the "Uncheck All". All your checklist will be unchecked!

How to adjust the position of the checklist:

By pressing on three horizontal lines present in front of the checklist, you can move them up-down. This will allow you to adjust the position of the checklist.

How to edit my checklist:

After adding your checklist if you want to edit your checklist then press on your checklist. This will allow you to edit, now after updating your checklist click on "Done". Your checklist will get updated:)

How to share your checklist:

If you want to share your checklist with your friend's family then you have to press on 3 dots given on the right bottom corner then click on "Share". This will take you to another window, now you can copy your checklist by clicking on "Copy" otherwise click on "Send" to share your checklist via messenger or mail.

 How to do settings:

By going to settings you can change the theme and text size of the app. For settings press on 3 dots given on the right bottom corner then click on "Settings", this will open a new window where you can adjust text size and app theme.

Best Travel Checklist App Android:

I consider this app as the best travel checklist app as well. Because in this app you can add all stuff which you want to carry, you can add a list of things you want to do, a list of things you want to purchase, etc. After every purchase you can check the list, so remaining items will have other categories.

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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