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Lessons That Can Change Your Life

My article is completely based on the modern world and my life experiences. This is some life lessons which I personally learned:

1) Money is everything:

I saw people saying money is not much importance in life. But in reality, money is everything, you get respect because of money (Like rich people get) and you get disrespect because of money (Like poor people or beggars get). If you have money then you can live more days in this world, I mean if you have money doctors will try 100% to save you. I am putting this point with life experiences if someone says money is not everything then say him give some money for free. Then you understand this fact is true!

2) Only parents love is true and clean

People always say that their love is true, and they love you so much. But in reality, everybody has some needs to fulfill that he/she wants from you. In most cases in the name of love, people fulfill their needs like money needs, sexual needs, and spending time.

I share my life experience to explain why my fact is true. I was in college seen so many relationships, most of them are just for timepass and for experiencing sexual needs. I had one friend “Rahul” who was a good guy simple person. Rahul was in love with my friend “Pooja”. He told me about his love and he asked help from me to patch both them. I know he was a good person and he is loving her really. So I tried to find Pooja what type of boy as a boyfriend she expecting, she always used to say she needs a person who loves her and keeps her like a princess. One day Rahul proposed Pooja, guess what happened she said no. I mean what was this? Rahul was a good person he said he loves her, why she not given one chance to prove his love?? Then she was in a relationship with the cool guy of college, this experience shows me how true love is never appreciated. I know one incident not prove anything but maybe it does. If you start looking real world with open eyes you will see rich people marry only rich people. People only love good looking people. Why people never fall in love with beggers or weak people?

Nowadays only parents do real love which not expect anything from their children.

3) Nothing and no one is permanent

In our life, nothing can be permanent, today maybe it's your but tomorrow it will belong to someone else. It can be anything like any property or it can be any job position. You should never get more attached to something. Even in the case of a person, people change with time. One day your partner can leave you, and go away. So nothing in this life is permanent, if you are more attached to your partner then it will give you a problem after he leaves you. So be practical and accept the truth, accept the fact nothing is permanent.

4) Nobody cares 

In this world, people act like they care about you. But the reality is nobody cares about someone else. Everyone is busy with their own problems, they don't have time to help someone. Accept the fact is nobody is here to help you. This is your life you have to live, this is your fight you have to fight. If any person dies, people cry for somedays after that they start living their life. Everyone is struggling for a comfortable life, you never see doctor care about patient then do treatment for free. Everyone is just living their life nobody care about anybody else this is a harsh reality.

6) Justice is not served all the time:

In your life, I am sure you faced some situations where you blamed for something which was not your mistake. Yes, it happens with most people. People are sad and frustrated about they did not get justice. But the reality is justice not served all time. Even in courts, sometimes justice is not served to people. So sometimes, leave the matter and move on.

7) Nothing is more important in life

Throughout our life, we spend time thinking about something which not worth your time. You start your day with the disappointment of yesterday and today you sleep with the disappointment of today. But is it worth your time, in reality, all things happening to you are not much important? People get tensed for losing winning but wait in the end you going to die nobody will remember you win or lose or you did this, etc. May some will remember you won or lose, but is it matter for you after your death. People always compare their life with successful people and get sad. But in the end, poor people or rich both will die. In ending you get nothing. A successful life is never is not about becoming rich or popular, successful life is the life in which you are really happy. So do what you want, life is really short you don't know when it will end. So try to live your life with happiness.

8) You have to help yourself nobody will help

In your life you start solving your problems by yourself no one will always available to help you. Make yourself a person who not depend on others. Become independent and live independently until the end of your life.

9) Life will get better if people mind there own business

There are so many problems are in life, but most of them never created if people start living their life instead of judging someone, pointing someone else. If every person lives life properly without giving problems to others. Then this life will get much better.

10) Fake people

You need to understand in your life you will meet so many people. But most of them not real, most of them pretend to care about you but they don't care about you. Most of them pretend to love you but they never did. Most of them smile in front of you but they want to see you crying. So you can't trust people with there smiles or behavior. Understand there are lot's of fake people, who hiding behind smile faces. Never trust people soon, take time to judge them, then come to a conclusion.

11) There is no Humanity

A modern life gave us so many good things like freedom to live, freedom to talk, freedom to wear anything, equality to different genders. But there are some disadvantages it has one of then is less humanity. Nowadays people are updating and they live their life but don't want to help others. I tell you one incident which I personally saw, I saw a person who falls down on the road because of some health issues. I saw nobody was helping him, people were walking from the side of his body. After sometimes one person helped him and given him water, that guy opened his eyes all was fine. But this incident tells how from 100% of people only 5-10% of people have the humanity to help others. I think you accept this fact and understand how life is changing.

All are these lessons I learned based on my life experiences. I will be happy to listen your opinion on these lessons also share your life-changing lessons which you learned on comments:)

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