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Identify the insect from its picture.

Guess The Insect Game

Guess The Insect Game

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Identify the insect from its picture.

Welcome to "Insect Explorer: Guess the Buzzing Bug!" Test your entomological expertise in this thrilling and educational game. Uncover the fascinating world of insects as you attempt to identify various buzzing, crawling, and flying creatures from around the globe.


1) Picture Puzzles: Encounter a series of captivating insect images that will challenge your knowledge and you have to guess their names.

2) Multiple Levels: Embark on an exciting journey through different difficulty levels, starting from beginner-friendly insects and progressing to more obscure and rare species. Explore a vast array of insects, including beetles, butterflies, ants, bees, moths, spiders, and many more.

3) Lifelines and Hints: If you find yourself stuck, don't fret! Utilize lifelines and hints to help you unveil the insect's identity. Use lifelines wisely as they are limited, and hints will deduct points from your final score.

4) Learn as You Play: Expand your insect knowledge with fascinating facts and information about each species. Discover their habitats, behaviors, life cycles, and unique adaptations through engaging trivia after each correct guess.

5) Unlock Achievements: Unlock achievements for various milestones and accomplishments throughout the game. Collect badges and showcase your expertise in the world of insects.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of insects and embark on a journey of discovery. Can you identify the buzzing bug from its picture alone? Download "Insect Explorer: Guess the Buzzing Bug!" and test your entomological prowess today! Play now "Guess The Insect Game". This is simple "Guess The Insect Quiz". Guess the insects now. This is one of the fun insect guessing games. Play now this insect game. This is simple insect app which will help you to improve your knowledge about insect. This is simple insect quiz. Guess now which insect is this. Play now what insect is this picture game. This is simple what insect is this app. This is what insect is this free app.

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