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I am not a doctor, I had the same issue which was solved by using prescribed medicines. I am not advising anyone to take anything just sharing my personal experience.

It started a few weeks ago. When I go for stool the blood used to come along with the poop. Mostly it happens after my completion of poop. Also sometimes with the poop blood used to come. I ignored this sign since previously I used to get blood in my poop. But that last long only 2-3 days. But this time it happened every day. I used to get hard poop and need to put pressure during poop. Then I visited the doctor regarding my issue. The doctor told me it's normal if you have blood in poop just for 1-2 days. But since it's happening to me continuously so I need to take some medications.

Blood In Stool Causes / Blood In Stool Reasons: The doctor told me this is happening due to not eating vegetables and fruits. So basically he told me to eat more fiber.

He checked the condition of the ass hole by putting a finger with glows. I noticed pain during his finger was inside which actually indicated that in the access of the hole there are some cuts or you can call a wound. The doctor said nothing has to be worried about. He prescribed me some medicines.

1) Cremaffin Plus and PegFiber

These two actually I have to take these before sleep. This will actually help my poop to come out in a more liquid form.

2) Lignocaine Hydrochloride Gel Ip

This gel I need to apply before going for poop. As shown in the image I need to put the cap inside the hole and squish the tube. So that gel will go inside. This actually helps the poop to come out without much pressure.

3) Intadine HS Solution (Povidone Iodine Solution) and Fidonal Cream

Intadine HS Solution has to be put in the bathtub or a bucket. Then you need to put your complete ass on that bathtub or bucket. This will clear the portion [Hole] and do other help. Then after seating in that water for 10 minutes now you need to use Fidonal Cream. Take the plastic injection and make it suck the cream from the tube as shown in the picture. Now on that plastic injection put the cap provided with the package. Now put the pack inside the hole and press injection so that cream will go inside. This cream will cure the wound you have in the hole.

After using the following medications within one week my problem was solved and blood coming will pooping is stopped in my case.

Thank you for reading this article.

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