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The movie starts with an investigator Tom Meeten as Chris dealing with a murder case. Now Chris decides to go undercover to find out who did the murder. So now Chris takes psychiatrist sessions just like the suspect of this murder done. But this undercover investigation changes Chris believes which lead Chris to turn into a criminal. The movie story is complicated and very depressing. The movie has suspense which they not unfolded properly. So many questions in the movie remained unanswered. Tom Meeten did great work as the lead actor. The movie feels very boring in between when there is nothing much happening. The movie is a good psycho-thriller that shows the journey of a normal man turning into psycho. Overall

Alert:  This is non-spoiler review:)
My review is my personal opinion, if you do not agree with my points, then I am really sorry:)

Movie Details:

Directed by: Karan Vishwanath Kashyap
Produced by: Prachi Nitin Manmohan
Written by: Bijendra Karla (dialogue)

Genre: Comedy Drama

Production Company: One Up Entertainment

Distributed by: Panorama Studios

Budget: Yet To Update!
Box Office: Yet To Update!

Verdict: Flop

Akshaye Khanna as Baba Bhandari
Priyank Sharma as Pappu Mishra
Riva Kishan as Mandira
Satish Kaushik as Mishraji
Supriya Pathak as Emarti Devi Mishra
Mrunal Jain as Vishnu
Swati Semwal as Urmila
Sunita Shitole as Mandira's grandmother
Yuvika Chaudhary as Neelu
Ishtiyak Khan as Sonu
Apurva Nemlekar as Shyama
Nalneesh Neel as Haricharan
Mukesh Bhatt as Police inspector
Shriya Saran (special appearance in song "Naya Naya Love")
Rakesh Bedi Mandira's father
Jaya Ojha as Mandira's mother

Release Date: 03 January 2020

Running Time: 85 minutes

Does this movie is Family-Friendly: Yes
Age Recommendation: For all ages!

Story: The movie story revolves around a rowdy man who does a forceful marriage of a boy with girls.

Movie Review:

The movie starts with Akshaye Khanna as Baba Bhandari who is a politician and he does the forceful marriage of single boys with poor girls. Then on another side, Priyank Sharma as Pappu Mishra is a news reporter who exposes Baba Bhandari's work. Now Riva Kishan as Mandira family looking for a boy for doing Mandira's marriage. But because of the high demand for dowry Mandira's middle-class family request Baba Bhandari to help. Then Baba Bhandari forcefully tries to do the marriage of Pappu Mishra and Mandira. But Pappu Mishra escapes from it but later falls in love with Mandira. Another side Baba Bhandari also start loving Mandira. Now who got Mandira that is the story. The movie has a routine Bollywood story some part is same as Jabariya Jodi movie. This is a comedy movie but there are only some occasions in the movie which make you laugh. The movie gets too boring when in between almost nothing happening in the movie. The story of the movie is an expected story and in the climax, as expected hero get's heroin. The climax is very bad which not at all interesting. Akshaye Khanna did decent acting. Newcomers Priyank Sharma and Ravi Kishan's daughter Riva Kishan did average acting. Overall I think Bollywood should come with something new and fresh stories instead of repeating types of stories. Overall if you fan of Akshaye Khanna then the one-time watchable movie.

Positive points of the movie:

Some experienced actors are part of the movie.

Negative points of the movie:

The routine story, boring storyline, bad climax, and not so funny comedy.

Overall My Rating: 

I am giving it 3 out of 05 stars:)


Others Ratings:

Sab Kushal Mangal IMDB Rating: 5.6/10

Movie Recommended:

Not Watchable!


Overall I think Bollywood should come with something new and fresh stories instead of repeating types of stories. Overall if you fan of Akshaye Khanna then the one-time watchable movie.
It will be great to listen to your comments and opinion on this movie. Drop a comment and tell me what you think about this movie:) 

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