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The movie starts with Kashmira Irani as Anuja Rao who is a teacher. Anuja's fiance is forcing her to leave the job and return home. But Anuja wants to continue her work. Now Anuja meets Swarda Thigle as Neha Kewle in school. They both are assigned work to get info about the census population for some houses. Now Anuja and Neha visit houses and take house family members' information.

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Movie Details:

Directed by: Hansal Mehta
Jay Mehta
Produced by: Indranil Chakraborty - producer (10 episodes, 2020)
Prasoon Garg - executive producer (10 episodes, 2020)
Kartik R. Iyer - line producer (10 episodes, 2020)
Priya Jhavar - executive producer (10 episodes, 2020)
Priyesh Kaushik - executive producer (10 episodes, 2020)
Sameer Nair - producer (10 episodes, 2020)
Rohit Phale - line producer (10 episodes, 2020)
Deepak Segal - producer (10 episodes, 2020)
Written by: Sumit Purohit
Saurav Dey
Vaibhav Vishal
Karan Vyas

Genre: Crime and Drama

Production Company: Applause Entertainment

Distributed by: SonyLIV

Budget: Released on OTT!

Box Office: Released on OTT!

Verdict: Released on OTT!

Pratik Gandhi as Harshad Mehta
Shreya Dhanwanthary as Sucheta Dalal
Vishesh Bansal as Young Harshad Mehta
Anjali Barot as Jyoti Mehta (Harshad's wife)
Hemant Kher as Ashwin Mehta
Ramakant Dayma as Shantilal Mehta
Kumkum Das as Rasilaben Mehta (Harshad's Mother)
Jay Upadhyay as Pranav Sheth
Kartik Krishnan as Chandraswami
Ayaz Khan as Treasury Chief, Bank Of America
Brinda Trivedi as Deepika Mehta (Ashwin's Wife)
Faisal Rashid as Debasish Basu
Nikhil Dwivedi as Tyagi (A.S.Thyagarajan)
Chirag Vohra as Bhushan Bhatt
Jay Mehta as Kiran Ajgaonkar
Sharib Hashmi as Sharad Bellary
K.K. Raina as Manohar Pherwani
Rajat Kapoor as K Madhavan
Satish Kaushik as Manu Mundra
Anant Mahadevan as S. Venkitaramanan
Ivan Rodrigues as Fortune India Editor
Mamik Singh as Mr.Rao
Kavin Dave as Rakesh (Rakesh Jhunjhunwala)
Lalit Parimoo as K. Das CBI Director
Jaimini Pathak as Sitaraman
Anjali Barot as Jyoti Mehta
Shadaab Khan as Ajay Kedia (Ajay Kayan)
Paresh Ganatra as Maheshwari (Radhakishan Damani)
Vivek Waswani as M.N. Goiporia, SBI Chairman
Mithilesh Chaturvedi as Ram Jethmalani
Nagesh Bhosale as Dr. Datta Ram
Sharad Jagtiani as Rajdeep Desai
Raghav Raj Kakker as Sucheta's source, nicknamed Karamchand

Release Date: 09 October 2020

Running Time: Approximately 09 hours series.
Does this movie is Family-Friendly: No (Due to bad words and subject of the series)

Age Recommendation: 18+ (Due to bad words and subject of the series)

Story: The series story revolves around the life of Businessman, stockbroker Harshad Mehta.

Movie Review: The series starts with Harshad Mehta and his family struggling with middle-class life. Then Harshad Mehta decides to learn trading by joining the share market. Then he starts his trading career. The series shows from how he learned trading to how he made India's biggest scam. The series also unfold many secrets of this scam. The music in the series is very nice. Starting music is amazing, in between all songs are also great. Pratik Gandhi as Harshad Mehta did great work. He will grab your attention and till the end, you will get engaged. Shreya Dhanwanthary as Sucheta Dalal also did an amazing job. Series shows the true story, which can be very boring if it's not showed properly. But in this entire series, there was not a single incident where it felt boring. Continuously something interesting happened in the whole series. The whole series well served in front of us without confusing us. The series tells a story with a proper explanation. The series takes around 9 hours. But I think you will surely enjoy your 9 hours. The Series has so many bad words used, which used for showing the intence of the situation and anger of the character. But I think no need for bad words to show intence and anger. There are so many best dialogues are in the series. I think the best one is "Dekho main Cigarette nahi pita, par jeb me lighter zarur rakhta hu, dhamaka karne ke liye..". I think somewhere series showed Harshad Mehta side story and tried to sympathize his life. I watched a complete show in one day because when you start you will get curious about what next will happen. Overall I surely recommend this series you should watch.

Positive points of the movie:

A great way of telling a story, good acting, and great music.

Negative points of the movie:

I wish the series not end just after Harshad death. I think they should have been shown Ashwin Mehta's story as well. I mean how Ashwin Mehta cleared all the cases of his brother. How Ashwin Mehta become a lawyer at age of 50 and fight all the cases against his brother. The Series has so many bad words used, which used for showing the intence of the situation and anger of the character. But I think no need for bad words to show intence and anger. I think somewhere series showed Harshad Mehta side story and tried to sympathize his life.

Overall My Rating: 

I am giving it 4.5 out of 05 stars:)


Others Ratings:

Scam 1992 Review IMDB Rating: 9.6/10
Scam 1992 Review Rotten Tomatoes: Yet To Update!

Movie Recommended:

Not Watchable!


Overall I surely recommend this series you should watch.
Scam 1992 Series Facts:
1) Age limit of Scam 1992?
Similar Question: What is the right age to watch Scam 1992? 
What is the minimum age for watching scam 1992 the Harshad Mehta story on Sony Liv?
Answer: 18+ due to bad words used and subject of the series.

2) What are the names of 3 persons who are working under Manu Mundra shown in web series Scam 1992?
Answer: Kavin Dave as Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Paresh Ganatra as Radhakishan Damani and no source about third guy.

3) Who composed the music in Hansal Mehta 1992 scam Web series?
Answer: Theme music composed by Achint Thakkar

4) Is Scam 1992 web series is dubbing in Telugu or not?
Answer: No, not yet!

5) What was the position of the character in Harshad Mehta Story Scam 1992 played by actor K.K Raina?
Answer: K.K Raina played character of "Manohar J. Pherwani" chairman of the Unit Trust of India.

6) Is there use of abusive language in web series The Scam 1992?
Answer: Yes, in many places for showing intence of the situation and anger of the character they used bad words.

7) How long is Scam 1992 in hours?
Answer: Total series takes approximately 9 hours.

8) What role Shadab played in Scam 1992?
Answer: Shadaab Khan played role of Ajay Kedia (Ajay Kayan)
It will be great to listen to your comments and opinion on this movie. Drop a comment and tell me what you think about this movie:)

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