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Genre: Horror

A Countdown Watch:

This is the story of Ray a thief who used to steal a wallet, mobile, and other stuff in the train. Ray every day starts his work in the morning time because on that time trains have the maximum rush of people who go to work. He mostly steals things from the pocket when there is a maximum rush in train. One day Ray stole a wallet from one old man. Then he off the train. He opened that old man's wallet and started looking for money. But wallet not has any money it only had one paper and a small old countdown watch. He opened the paper with curiosity, the paper has the text "Pass this countdown watch in 24 hours otherwise you will die!! The person you passed this watch should keep watch with him at least for 24 hours!". Then suddenly the watch countdown started for 24 hours. Ray thought this was just silly person wallet. Ray throw the wallet and countdown watch into the dustbin. Then Ray starts going suddenly Ray noticed that the countdown watch is still in his pocket. Ray was a little scared of this suspicious thing that happened to him. Now Ray throws the watch again in the dustbin still again and again automatically that watch start coming into his pocket. Then suddenly one old lady came near Ray she said to him "You only have 23 hours 30 minutes left". Then the old lady start walking Ray tried to follow her but suddenly she got disappeared. Now Ray was a little scared. He started thinking about what if the text written on paper will be happen in reality. So now Ray thought instead of throwing the watch he should destroy it. He tried to break watch with hands then with stone. But still, that watch not had a single scratch. Now Ray had only 23 hours left.

Ray decided to pass that watch to someone so he gave the watch to a beggar. But beggar started arguing with Ray because that old watch had no value. The beggar was expecting money or food. Ray told beggar to keep watch also Ray offered some money to the beggar. Now beggar keep that watch with him. Ray thought it worked now he is safe. But beggar throw the watch and the watch again came into Ray's pocket. Ray was totally got frustrated with all this. Ray decided to give the watch to his friend. He meets his friend Pluto and given the watch then said to him to keep it. Pluto accepted the watch because Ray was a good friend of him. But later Pluto also throws the watch because he thought the watch has no value. Now Ray again had the watch in his pocket.

Now Ray decided to give the watch to someone who will not going to throw it. So Ray gifted the watch to his girlfriend Lisa. Lisa kept the watch with her. After 1 hour Lisa called and said: "I think the watch has some manufacturer issues it only showing 24 hours countdown which is decreasing continuously. How should I use this watch?". Now Ray was thought what if after 24 hours Lisa will die. So now Ray took back the watch from Lisa by saying he will return it in the shop. Now Ray only had 15 hours remaining.

Ray decided to understand what and why this is happening with him. Ray checked that old man wallet again and Ray found one photo which had the name "Justin James". He Googled Justin James and he got some search results about missing old man news. Now for finding more about it Ray called to the Justin family number which was in the news article. After calling, Ray got information that Justine was a 80-year-old man who came for meeting his daughter in New York. But he never came to his daughter home in between his train journey he was lost. Now Ray realized maybe he also stole this old man wallet. So he went to the station room asked about any old man they interacted with. The station master informed that "There was an old man who died by heart attack in the station. They are not found anything in his pocket so they can't confirm person then they kept the body in anonymous bodies place.". Now Ray got an idea of what happened to that old man. He realized maybe because he stole wallet so the old man was helpless and in fear he died. Now Ray handover the old man body to his family. Ray thought now the old man ghost will forgive him. So now Ray was walking on the road then countdown suddenly completed 24 hours then Ray died in a car accident. Now that countdown fall on the road then another thief who seen all this he taken all Ray stuff and countdown watch. Suddenly countdown watch again started...

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