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If you using or you saw someone using the TrueCaller app then you might notice that your number is already stored in true TrueCaller by some name. This is happening because when someone installs the TrueCaller then the app asks their contact permission then fetches all contact data into the TrueCaller database. Now if someone stored your number with the name "Josh Newyork, NY 10017" then this full sentence will be stored in TrueCaller. Now anyone who has your number will get your address also. Also for some cases like girls don't want to share their name details to unknown persons but TrueCaller saved their full name because the TrueCaller user has her number-name in his contact now any unknown person gets the girl name. This is actually frustrating that our privacy is not secure. So in this article, I am sharing how you can change your name details. Like you can add any random name instead of a real name which is currently showing.

For this first install TrueCaller App - Click Here

Now click on Get Started:



Now it will ask Make Truecaller Your Defaul Phone App? just press Cancel

Now it will ask some permissions which you have to allow without allowing permission your app will not run.


Now it will ask you to register with your contact number. Write your contact number then by a miss call it will verify your account.

Now you have to agree their privacy policy.

Now you have to enter your name, enter any name which you comfortable to share. Enter First Name and Last Name then proceed. Yes you are done now you can uninstall the app!


Now the name which you added will be replace with the name which is showing on Truecaller when anybody search your number.


Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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