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Genre: Inspirational Stories

A precious thing

This is the story of Suraj who stays in a small village. Suraj is 55 years old, and he has two sons. Suraj getting retired from his work, and he got 1 lack rupees as pension money. Now Suraj boss said to him to take care of the money if he lost money then in old age he has to face lots of trouble. Now Suraj was very scared about losing his money so Suraj decided to hide the money. Then Suraj hides the money in the cupboard. Now his sons came into the room asked Suraj regarding pension money, Suraj convinced them that he still not got the money. Now his son opened the cupboard for taking his stuff, at that time Suraj was very scared. But luckily his son not noticed the money. Now Suraj realized money is not safe in the cupboard so he decided to change the position of money. Then he kept the money inside the bedsheets. Now he was a little relaxed about the money. Then after sometimes his daughter in law was cleaning the Suraj room at that time Suraj stopped her and said her to not clean the room today. After that Suraj realized money is not safe in bedsheets. Now Suraj changed the position of money again and again. Wherever he kept the money he was not fully convinced that nobody will notice it. On that full day, he was changing the position of money again and again. In the night somehow he had slept for 3 hours. Then after waking in the morning Suraj did not remember where he kept the money last time. Now he started searching for the money after search for some hours still he did not get the money. Now Suraj lost his money and he was very sad.

"Thing turn into precious when you start giving it more importance!"

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