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Genre: Love

I am dying in six months! 

I was just spending my life but never felt it. Eat-Work-Sleep that was my daily routine. I never revealed my love for Sara. Sara was my colleague. I was sure she also doesn't like me, no one like me I was just scared guy who gets taunt from boss, colleagues, and family but I never argued. Sara was started loving Jack in my office. 

One day I was at the office suddenly I got unconscious then fall down. My colleagues admitted me to the hospital after some check-ups. The doctor told me to come by the next day. When I went, that day he told me I have "terminal bowel cancer". I can live a maximum of 6 months, there is no cure. Then I started thinking about what should I do, everything was already over. Then I saw one ant it was walking on the floor it knows anyone can put a foot on that ant and it will die but he is never stopped living. I also no need to stop! Within these six months, I need to do everything which I want. 

The next day at home my family taunt me, this time I argued I given an answer. At the office with colleagues, I talked without fear. My boss called me to the cabin, he started shouting at me for one project I also argued I said which I want to say "this is a month project and it's 3 persons work. You are saying do it alone within 15 days, it's impossible! How much I need this job that much you also need me. So give some respect!" It was the first time I argued with my boss, in-office everyone heard that I was that much louder, the boss told me "go and continue your work". In break time I talked with Sara it's the first time I talking with her. I invited her for a trip she said yes. Within 5 years, I took my first leave. The next day I spent my whole day with Sara. It was amazing. I told their I love her she smiled told she is in relationship with Jack. In-office with my intelligence, I made Jack has a bad guy in front of Sara. It was wrong which I did but I love her! That love made me do this. Sara started coming near me. We spend daily 2 hours after the office. I started talking with everyone without fear. On my holiday now I started going to different places with Sara. Actually, till now, I was spending my life but now I was feeling it. 

Day by day is gone. It's been 6 months 25 days. I meet that doctor again he was surprised I am still alive he checked me again said by mistake he given other person's reports to me. Now it's been 1 year still I am alive not just from outside also from inside. Sara is with me I spend my every second in my way because no one knows when we die so feel every moment as you want. 


Small life! Live it freely:)

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