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Love With Mails!

One day I was checking my mails. I saw one mail which has only written "Hi!" in the mail body. I saw the name of the sender it's Lisa. I ignored it because I didn't know her. Some days later I checked my mail account again this time I got another mail from Lisa which written "How are you Jack?"  I was shocked she knows my name. I asked her "Where we met!" She replied, "I can't tell you about myself!". With her talk, I understood she knows me very well. Now for timepass purpose, I started mailing her. Suddenly this timepass turned into a habit. I started sharing every good or bad thing which happened to me. We started mailing day and night. Whenever I say any funny thing Lisa calls me "Idiot!". I started loving her.

Whenever I was said let's meet, she always used to change topic, for this matter we fought. In my anger, I talked badly to her. Then she stopped replying. After some days I realized in my anger I talked badly to her. So with "Sorry!" I mailed her. I didn't get any reply. She stopped replying to my emails. I was not understanding how to contact her we just connected in mail.

I thought because she knows me well so maybe she works in my office. So I tried to find her in my office and in my area with her name, but there was no one with that name. I thought maybe her real name is not Lisa. Now it's hard to find her. Suddenly I remembered in communication Lisa told she done her MCA from A.B. college. I tried to find records of employees working in my office who done MCA from A.B. college. I got 5 girls. I randomly talked with each girl. After talking with 4 girls I still not got that feeling which I got talking with Lisa. Now there is only one girl left. I gone to her cabin she was fat, average beauty girl. I started talking with her still I didn't get that feeling, I said bye to her and started leaving. She got a call she received and said "Hey idiot! It's wrong number why you calling me again!". Saying idiot is the Lisa habit. I again went inside her cabin and said "Are you Lisa?". She said, "I am not Lisa & even I don't have mail id". Here she made a mistake by talking about mail! then she accepted she was Lisa then I asked "Why she behaved like another girl? Why she never wanted to meet me?". She replied "I love you so I started talking in the mail but with the fatty body and average beauty I scare to meet you! Because I thought you will reject me if you meet me". I have loved her inner beauty, her kindness I never loved her outer beauty, so I accepted her. Now we both are happily together. Mail is the only reason we are together. 

In love, you love the person, not personality. If you are loving personality then it's not a love!

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