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Anger is an activity that everyone wants to avoid but they can't. The problem with anger is it makes you feel guilty after doing it. Anger always hurt other people also hurt you. Anger can lead to hurting someone physically or hurting yourself physically. So it's very important to stop anger for a happy life. In this article, I am telling some techniques by which you can control your anger: 

1) Control yourself:

Anger is the activity that you don't want to do. So this means somewhere you losing control of your mind or body. So the first thing you need to start controlling your mind. Just tell your mind you will take care of the matter with nice talk.


2) Start doing Yoga:

Yoga and other meditation always help humans to control their mind. Yoga relaxes the mind and makes positive thoughts come to your mind. Try THIS Yoga techniques to relax your mind.



3) Make a weapon:

For controlling your anger you should make a weapon like when you get angry you start breathing in-out or start counting numbers in mind or you do any activity with your hands. You do that comfortable activity every time when you get angry.


5) Give some time and escape:

When you get angry on any matter just leave yourself for some time instead of arguing. Give yourself some time alone that will definitely give you a solution to your problem and relax your mind. After enough time complete and your mind is on your control then talk about the matter.


6) Stop giving importance to everything:

The main reason for anger is you giving importance to unnecessary stuff. Remember in your life happiness is the most important thing than anything else. Like when your boss, friends, or family talk badly with you then you start arguing because you giving importance to your self-respect. Also, like in a couple most times, they argue for "you did this or you not did this". But all the matter they were arguing are mostly not important. So stop giving importance to unnecessary things that will definitely make you calm.



7) Take it in a positive way:

When someone is telling something then take it in a positive way, like your family friends telling you things for your good life. Why every time blaming others, why don't you take the blame on you? If fighting can stop by taking the blame on yourself then why not you do it. Take whatever happening in a positive way it will surely make your life better.


8) Just say sorry:

Do you know sorry is the magical word that has the power to stop the fight. All you need is just say the one word then your anger will stop also fight will be stop. Most times sorry makes things better, so start saying sorry!


9) Think about happy moments:

When you get angry think about some happy moments, surely this will swing your mood. Think about any good thing happened to you! This is also a technique to stop the anger.



10) Do something which makes you happy:

When you are angry on any matter then you start doing anything which you love to do. It can be going out, eating your favorite dish, or maybe slipping. After this surely your mind will be relaxed and free to think on matter peacefully.



11) Divert the conversation:

You try to divert the conversation on which you are arguing. You start any other conversation or matter it will surely hold your anger. Then give yourself some time then talk peacefully. 

Hope this helps you, tell your ideas to control anger in the comment section:)

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