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If you are looking for earning money, then I am sharing these apps by which you can earn money. These four apps Scratch Day, Spin Day, Scratch Royale, and Spin Royal all belong to the same company Viker. All app's use and functions are the same, so I am sharing all four apps review in the same article.

My Rating: 


Charges: Free
Number of  Downloads: More than 01 million downloads on PlayStore
Type of App/Website: Money earning application.
Requirements for using this App/Website: Android mobile phone with an internet connection, PayPal account, Facebook account, Available worldwide, Should be 18+ in age.
Payment Methods: PayPal
Minimum Payment: For points: 50,00000 points = 5$ & For money: 10$

What is Scratch Day, Spin Day, Scratch Royale, Spin Royal Apps

All these apps are simple money earning apps. In this app all you need to do card scratches, or spins, which will give you money. For every scratch or spin you get points then when you reach 50,00000 coins you can do your payout.

Points to be noted before you start:

1) For using this app, you need a Facebook account, because you can register, log in to these apps only via Facebook.
2) To receive payment from these apps, you need a PayPal account. This app only allows payment via PayPal.

How do these apps works:

When you do scratches or spins you get ads. By these ads, these apps earn money and they give part of earning to the users.

How to use the App/Website:

1) First, go to play store and install the apps:

Install Scratch Day: Click Here!
Install Spin Day: Click Here!
Install Scratch Royale: Click Here!
Install Spin Royale: Click Here!

2) After installing the app, open the application. Now register the application by using your Facebook account. After register choose your currency from Euro, Dollar, GBP(Pounds), etc. If your currency is not able to find in options simply, select GBP(Pounds) because it has a maximum value in current time.

3) Now you get some scratch card or spins. You get scratch cards in Scratch Day, Scratch Royale apps and you will get spins in Spin Day, Spin Royale apps. Now you just need to do scratch or spins. For every scratch or spin, you get rewarded some points or dollars. After every two-three scratch/spins you get one advertisement to watch. Close advertisement when closing option available then do more scratch/spin.

4) After completing all spin/scratches, you get extra 03 scratches/spins if you watch the full advertisement. Like this, you get a total of 20-25 scratches/spins. After you do all scratches/spins they will come back two-three times a day. The timing of renewal of spins/scratches different for all apps, you can understand timings when you start using them.

5) Once you reach the minimum payout limit, 10 dollars or 50,00000 points. The app will ask you to add PayPal mail for transferring money. Money transfer takes 5-10 working days.

6) As per your comfort you can adjust sound and vibrations in settings of the apps. For going to setting click on the equal symbol and select the "Settings" option.

How much you can earn / Different ways to earn:

Based on points if you earn 50,00000 points you can do payout.

50,00000 points = 05 $ 

So every day you can earn up to 50,000 to 1,00000 points. So overall for making 05$ it takes around 02-03 months from every single app.

There is another option that is based on your luck you win money. When your winning money reaches 10$ you can do the transfer. But it is very rare that you win money. There are some people who won 100-200 $, but they are luckiest people:)

There is another option for earning is refer and earn, for every person who installs, register, and add your unique referral code then you, the app installed person both will get 1,00000 points as a reward. For getting your unique referral code click on the area in different apps as shown in images.

My referral codes:
Spin day referral code / Spin day invite code: 0528482741022489
Scratch day referral code / Scratch day invite code: 0524996808037749
Scratch Royal referral code / Scratch Royal invite code: 558864287984334

Payment Proof:

I am using all these four apps from 01-02 years I received multiple payments from all these four apps. Sharing you details of I received payment in my PayPal account. This includes scratch day payment proof, scratch day app payment proof, scratch royale app payment proof, does scratch day pay out, spin day payment proof, spin royale payment proof, and does spin royale payout.

scratch day payment proof

The good side of Scratch Day, Spin Day, Scratch Royale, Spin Royale:

1) This app is easy to use, free, you can earn money for doing simple tasks.
2) You can use them will doing other works like watching movies, cooking something or doing some exercise, etc. Because using this app not need much attention.

The bad side of the Scratch Day, Spin Day, Scratch Royale, Spin Royale:

1) These apps only allow register with Facebook and they only have one payment method that is PayPal.
2) In starting using the apps you get a reward of more points and money. But after some days rewards points, money amount gets lesser. But you can earn up to 05$ from each app in 02-03 months.
3) These apps are only available for Android mobile phones.

Is it worth your time:

If you are thinking that you leave your job and make this as your earning source. Then I suggest don't do this. By this app, you can earn up to 05$ in 02-03 months from every single app, more if you are lucky. So I suggest using this app when you get free time, like you cooking, watching movies, etc. This app not required your maximum attention so you can use the app in your free time. Anyway if you think 05$ in 02-03 months enough for your spending time then I suggest using the app!!

How to contact them: 

If you facing any issue or having any confusion, or you have a pending payment, then contact apps via Facebook. They usually respond in 01-02 working days.

Contact Scratch Day: Click Here!
Contact Spin Day: Click Here!
Contact Scratch Royale: Click Here!
Contact Spin Royale: Click Here!

Scratch Day, Spin Day, Scratch Royale, Spin Royal Apps are Legit or Fake?

I am using these apps for almost one year and I can say all these apps are legit. They do payment on time also respond to your questions on Facebook. I have seen negative reviews on play store, they mostly added because it takes 02-03 months to earn 5$ in every app. I received multiple payments from them, my payment proof is as follows:

scratch day payment proof
Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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