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Nowadays, people are so much complicated. Convincing or impressing someone is really hard. You have to do something which makes someone say "WOW" then they will start thinking about you. Now guess if you are in WhatsApp kind of chatting platform and trying to impress someone, then it will be a lot difficult to make them happy and impress. But impressing or making someone happy on WhatsApp is not impossible. I am sharing some WhtsaApp chatting tips by which you can  impress someone or make someone happy.

1) Send a good image/GIF:

Convincing or sharing your wishes will be easy by sending images/GIFs. Images always make people feel good. Now it's upon what images you send. You can send some good memories of both of you or you can share occasion wishes or some funny joke/meme. Now you can find HD quality good images/GIFs on Google which can put a positive impact of you on a person. I am sharing a beautiful image which will change your mood:)

As you can see somewhere this making you feel good. This is the power of an image, and sharing your feelings with images is the best way.
Where To Find Whatsapp Images:
You can find HD quality beautiful images simply in Google. 

Where To Find Whatsapp GIFs:
You will find good GIFs by default on Whatsapp. For using them you just need to click on the smiley face which presents onside text message typing panel, then go to the second GIF menu. Now choose your GIF and click on it will send your sticker. You can get more GIFs by clicking on search icon and search for your interest. If you want more GIFs then try some APPS which provide amazing GIFs. You also can find good GIF's on this type of WEBSITES.

2) Send good Videos:

Another thing you can do is share a good video. Good video always catches attention and make big impacts. You can share some memorable video, or any wishes video or any beautiful video. You can find these videos on YouTube or there are APPS available on Play Store which give beautiful videos. Now your video will impress the person or not this will depend on your selection of videos. Now look at this at guess it will make you feel better:)

[Video by Pressmaster from Pexels]

3) Send good stickers:

Whatsapp allowing sending of WhatsApp stickers, which look so nice. Based on your situation you can send good stickers which will convince your feelings. By looking at these colorful stickers definitely, a person will think about you. Look at this image of how the single sticker taking your attention and makes you feel good.

Where To Find Whatsapp Stickers:

You can find this beautiful sticker on WhatsApp by default. For using them you just need to click on the smiley face which presents on side text message typing panel, then go to the third stickers menu. Now choose your sticker and click on it will send your sticker. If you want more stickers then try some APPS which provide amazing stickers.

4) Send good Emojis:

Emojis on WhatsApp also the best way to show your feelings. Emojis are always small and cute which shows your feelings. By default, there are so many Emojis available in Whatsapp. For sending Emojis you have to click on a smiley icon, now click on Emoji you want to send then it will be added in the typing panel. Now click send it will send your Emoji.

You can create your own custom Emojis by using this website, Emoji-Maker. If you are using mobile try the app, Emoji-Maker for making your Emojis.

You can create Emoji-Art for someone for example:

[Your Emoji Art looks like this in Whatsapp:)]
You can create this type of Emoji Art to express your feelings, this simply grabs attention. Get more Emoji Arts on: Emoji-Maker

Play WhatsApp Truth and Dare Games:

Dare Questions: Select one number from 01 to 10, and you have to complete the dare given on that number:)
1) Write one poem on me!
2) Show me your all chats, send screenshot!
3) Send me your one hot pic
4) Send your current selfie
5) Send one message saying "I hate you!" to your any contact then send screenshot!
6) Record one song and send me!
7) I am angry on you, now convince me:)
8) Record dance video and send me!
9) Send me kiss Emoji!
10) Show me your all apps screenshot
Select one number from 01 to 10, and you have to complete the dare given on that number:)
1) You ever imagined about romancing with me?
2) You will marry a person who loves you or marry a person who loved you?
3) Who was your first crush?
4) You will marry rich person who never loved you or you marry poor person who always loved you?
5) You ever hugged someone?
6) You like fully dressed person or body exposing person?
7) What makes you happy?
8) If you get 10 minutes to cook something what will you cook?
9) Which song you dedicate on me?
10) What is the craziest thing you ever received on WhatsApp?

Truth Questions: Select one number from 01 to 10 and tell the loyal answer for the question:)
1) You ever kissed someone?
2) You ever did romantic dance with someone?
3) You ever harmed someone?
4) Tell me Your mobile lock password.
5) What is the biggest lie you ever said?
6) Who is your first crush?
7) Tell me what's your opinion on me?
8) How someone can convince you for doing something?
9) If all people in the world stop for one day and only you can move then what all things you will do??
10) What is the craziest thing you ever shared to someone on WhatsApp?

Select one number from 01 to 10 and tell the loyal answer for the question:)
1) Say "I am(representing the sender) best in the world" and send me the audio.
2) Dedicate an Emoji for my personality?
3) Put my photo on your WhatsApp status for 1 day!
4) Tell me a short horror story!
5) Tell me what you like and dislike most in me?
6) Tell me one funny joke.
7) Tell me I am look like which actor?
8) Make one song on me just few words!
9) Write my name on paper 10 times and send me photo!
10) Make a 10 minutes video call with me!
You can edit them based on your comfort.

You can find more dare questions on: Click Here

Ask Rapid Fire Questions

This will be a good way to spend happy time and make a good impression. I am sharing some good rapid fire questions which you can ask.

What is the best thing about me?

What is the worst thing about me?

If you get Aladdin lamp, what three wishes you will ask?

If you get chance to spend time with any celebrity then whom you will choose?

After one day earth will be destroyed, what you will do in this one day?

If you get 1 million dollars, what will you do?

What's the first thing come to your mind when you see my call or message?

If you get angry what to do to make you calm?

If you get a chance to correct any mistake! Then which mistake in your life will you correct?

What's the craziest thing you done in your life?

What change you want in yourself?

What is the biggest secret in your life?

If you have to choose one power then which power you will choose?

If you have to eat one food throughout your life then which food you will select?

What you will do if you get invisible?

Who is your best friend?

If you can fly then where you will go?

What is most memorable incident in your life?

What is your hobbies?

What is your favourite colour and why?

Play Antakshari in Whatsapp Chat

You can play Antakshari game will you chatting. It's game where a person tells a letter then other person has to tell a song which starts with this latter. Now next other person tell a letter and other one as to tell which song start from that letter. This is actually a fun game, if you both are comfortable then it will be very funny will you chatting.

Send good messages:
You can make a positive impression by sending some good messages. 
If it's a morning: "A great day waiting for you, come on get up!! Good morning"

If it's night: "Sleep now because then only you can come to my dreams! Good night:)"

You can find more this type of messages on Google. This definitely make people feel good. So send messages and show your feelings:)
Hope by all this help to you get your love, Good Luck:)

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