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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Search in WhatsApp by name or text or date

If you are a user of WhatsApp then you faced an issue for finding a particular chat discussion or particular person.  In this article, I am going to share some tricks for finding a particular chat discussion or particular person!

Search In Whatsapp By Name:

If you have so many chats, and you want to find a particular person chat. Then open WhatsApp now on top you can see search icon click on it and search for the name of the person you saved in contact. This will show your particular person chat!

Search any discussion by text in WhatsApp:

If you have a big chat discussion, and you want a part where you discussed something important. Now scrolling and reading full chat is time-consuming also hard to find. For this case open WhatsApp now on top you can see search icon click on it and search for that text which you used in your discussion this will give some chat result, click on that chat it will take you to that discussion in chat. For example, in the shown image, we had a discussion about Captain America, and I am searching for it! Then after writing Captain America I got the discussion:)

Search Whatsapp Messages By Date

If you want to see a particular discussion in the chat with a particular date then follow this instruction:

Option 1: Scroll and find discussion:

If you scroll down or up it will show you, when(date) of the discussion happens, like today or on a particular date. This takes time but this is the easiest way to do this!!

Option 2: Import your chat:

In this way, we going to import chat in Gmail or WhatsApp and you will get a text file. This text file will show you the date and time particular message sent. In this text file, it will lot easier to find a particular discussion of chat-based on a date!

For this go to chat, click on the top "..."(three dots), click on "More" now press on "Export chat".

Now after clicking on "Export chat" this will ask you to include media(photos and videos) or not. Click on "Without Media" if you only need a chat text file. Then it will ask "send on Gmail?" or "Whatsapp" etc, click on send Gmail or Whatsapp icon. If you clicked on Gmail it will compose mail and attach all files, then add your recipient mail id and click on send!! If you clicked on Whatsapp simply select chat and send the file. In both Gmail or Whatsapp we will get the text file which we need:)

Now after receiving your text file via WhatsApp or Gmail simply open your text file. This text file will show you full discussion based on time and date. Simply search the date and get your part of the discussion on that particular date!

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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