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What is the problem:

If you facing problems will typing any text, like your text is automatically getting selected. Which is really annoying. If it's happening with you then this article is for you.

Why it's happening:

There are so many ways by which these problems occurred. Probably your keyboard or mouse has an issue, your laptop/pc facing any problems or you pressed Insert button from the keyboard.

What are the solutions:

Solution 1:

Remove and plugging back your external devices like mouse and keyboard. By this, if problem is coming from this external device then your problem probably gets resolved.

Solution 2:

Restart your PC/Laptop, by this, if your system has any problem it will get resolved.

Solution 3:

By clicking the Insert button sometimes your text is automatically selected. In that case, by clicking the Insert button again your problem will be resolved.

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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