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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Food That Increase Sperm Count And Quality


Source - Click Here!

For better sexual life it is important to increase sperm count and quality. I am going to tell you the list of food to eat increase sperm count and quality.

1) Dark Chocolates: Antioxidant-rich dark chocolates may help in significantly improving sperm motility and also a man's erection.

2) Pineapples: An extremely rich source of vitamin C, its consumption may also improve sperm motility.

3) Go nuts over nuts: Nuts contain a high amount of fatty acids, daily consumption can tremendously improve sperm quality.

4) Spinach - Spinach contains a high amount of folic acid. This improves the sperms DNA quality tremendously. Ever heard of Popeye the sailor man?

5) Goji berry: Goji berry in traditional Chinese medicine has been used to treat male infertility. It is rich Anti-oxidants. 

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