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The common question comes in men minds is "I've been masturbating since I was about 15 years old and I'm very very concerned about my sperm count will I lose count or will I have sperms whose quality is not great or will there be a problem in fertilizing or fertilization rather if I continue with the masturbation?", now this is a very very common question because mens are concerned about the fact that they might lose pumps because they're masturbating every day or twice a week or whatever the frequency.

Now you have to understand that a man produces about thousand sperms in a heartbeat and this is an ongoing process probably till andropause and the date of andropause varies from man to man it could be you know 50 years for somebody it could be 70 years for somebody else. So no matter how much you masturbate you're not going to exhaust all your sperms because the test is constantly and continuously producing sperms and you have to understand that it takes about 60 to 65 days for sperm production now the 10 to 15 days response to actually come out so whatever sperms you masturbate and produce today are actually sperms that got produced about two and a half months back so it is very very important to remember that masturbation will not reduce your sperm count.

Final conclusion: Masturbation will not reduce your sperm count. So spend happy time without tension:)

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