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What is Taskbucks?:
Taskbucks is App where you can earn money from doing tasks.
If you want to join now click here

How To Earn Money From Taskbucks?:
1) Earn money by installing apps and keep apps on your mobile for the given time period!

2) Earn money by referring to the people. As per image show, you get 18 Rupees for 1st refer, 20 rupees for 2nd refer, 25 for 3rd refer. But the condition is your reference has to install at least one app from Taskbucks.

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3) Participate in the quiz and win 50 rupees. This quiz happen every 1 hour, it has 20 questions and every question has 4 options. From all participants, only top ones are selected. Every hour one winner decided randomly from the top list. If you are the winner today, then you can't play quiz today again. You have to come tomorrow again and participate.

Payout Methods & Maximum Payout Amount:
You can do payout from Paytm, else do mobile recharge. For Paytm you can do 5 else 10 rupees payment. For the recharge, you can do 10 else 15 rupees recharge. But you can do only one transaction in every seven days. If you refer friends you get the benefit of an extra transaction.

Taskbucks Promo Code:

How To Hack Taskbucks App:
This is the simple trick to solve the quiz. When you performing the quiz if you don't know the particular answer, you just close the app before countdown over. Then again reopen the app and click start quiz. You get another question of that number. Ex. If I don't know the answer to the 3rd question. I close the app when I reopen, I will get the different 3rd question. By this trick, I can skip hard questions.

Taskbucks Payment Proof:
You can see down below multiple payments received by Taskbucks into Paytm.

Hope you get a good idea of Taskbucks app, Taskbucks free recharge, Taskbucks Paytm.

If you have any question please write in the comment. We will be happy by solving your query.

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