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How To Make Ganesh Chaturthi Viral WhatsApp Wishing Script?

Hi, in this article we are going to learn how can you make Ganesh Chaturthi wishing script for a blogger! It's a really good way to popular your blog also get some instant money from ads!! If you want to see the demo click below:

Click Here For Demo

So let's begin:)

Step 1: Download the file "index.html" the  link is given below:

Click Here For Download index.html

Step 2: Open index.html with notepad++ or notepad.

Step 3: Press Cntrl+F and Find "Advertisement"! Put your ads code on that section. There are four sections are available for ads!

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Step 4: Again press Cntrl+F and Find "" replace with your blog address! There two places where you have to change.

Step 5: As per your requirement you can change added text and images!

For changing images: Open your blog account, click "new post" then import your image. After that right click on image "click on open into new tab", copy the new tab image hosted link! Now paste this link in the code by replacing the current image URL.

Step 6: Now press "ctrl+A" then copy text by pressing "ctrl+c".

Step 7: Now login to your blog then go to theme. Scroll down then click "Revert to classic themes"

Step 8: Press Ctrl+V in "Edit Theme HTML" then press save theme!!

Step 9If you want to remove that blue bar from the top just click "off" from "Change NavBar".

Step 10: How To Add Favicon To Blogger:
Sign in to blogger then go to Layout. In the top, you can see favicon gadget, simply click on edit. Click "Choose File" and add your image then click save. Now click on "Save Arrangements". Congo your favicon is added to blogger.

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Congo your Ganesh Chaturthi viral script is ready. Now share and enjoy!!:)

If you have any doubt regarding this, feel free to comment we will be happy to solve your query!!

Hope you like our "how to make a festival wishing website" article!! Thank you!

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