Sunday, March 22, 2020

Reverse Characters Of Each Word In A Sentence Online Tool

*Write/paste your text, then click on "Reverse" button, this will reverse all characters of word from the sentence. Ex: "Dog Cat Horse" will convert to "esroH taC goD". Now you can copy your text by clicking "Copy Text!" button. You can reset everything by clicking "Clear All!" button.

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Number Of Lines Counter Online Tool

This will count number of characters you used in your text. This counter give on time count of number of alphabet used in your text content!

*Write your text, then Line count will automatically get updated and shown at down side of Textarea!!

Total Number Of Lines Count:

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Reverse Word Order Online Tool

*Write/paste your text, then click on "Reverse" button, this will reverse all text from the sentence. Ex: "Dog Cat Horse" will convert to "Horse Cat Dog". Now you can copy your text by clicking "Copy Text!" button. You can reset everything by clicking "Clear All!" button.

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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Online Line Number Counter Tool

*Write/paste your text, then you can see all lines with line numbers.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Include Only Lines Starting With Numbers Online Tool

*Write/paste your text, then click on "Convert" button, this will only include sequence number lines and remove all other lines. Now you can copy your text by clicking "Copy Text!" button. You can reset everything by clicking "Clear All!" button.

NOTE: This tool include all the lines starting with number.

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

How To Take Full Chat Screenshot In Whatsapp and Other Chatting apps

People having a hard time understanding how they can save the full chat screenshot. This can be for backup or sharing purposes. I am going to tell you the trick by which you can take a full chat screenshot as an image. This image is good in clarity and by zooming they can read the full chat properly. This trick will be work in all chatting platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, LIKE, dating apps, WeChat, Hike, etc.

Let's get started:

Step 1: Install the LongShot App from Google Play Store.[Direct Link]

Step 2: Give some allowance for the app:

1) Allow LongShot to access photos, media, and files on your device! This permission is for saving screenshot images in your device.

2) Now click on the blue box at the "Capture Screenshot" section. Then check "Allow display over other apps". This permission is to allowing to capture the screen of other apps like Whatsapp, LIKE, etc. Then after check permission go back to the app, you will see pop up a prompt which saying "Longshot will capture everything..." just click cancel because we have to set up.

Step 3: You need to set a capture screenshot option based on your requirements.

Option 1: Auto Scroll:
On devices running Android 7.0 or above, LongShot can scroll screen automatically via accessibility service. You need to enable it in "Settings - Accessibility - LongShot".When it turned on, after you hit the "Start" button while capturing, the screen will be scrolled automatically. A red line will show up in this process. Once it scrolled to the position you want to end, click the area above the red line to stop capturing.

Option 2: Speed Mode:
Speed mode is the new capture method which improves stitching speed and accuracy for the vertical long screenshot. We recommend enabling it, If you want to stitch horizontal screenshots or stitching without merging overlap parts, you should disable it.

Option 3: Manual Capture:
In manual capture mode, you take screenshots by clicking the floating "Capture" button. In auto-capture mode, after every scrolling, the app will take a screenshot automatically.

Note: I recommend to go with the first option "Auto scroll" because scrolling will be done automatically and it will capture the screenshot properly. In two other options, you do scrolling manually where if you scroll fast than some parts will not get captured. But if you wait for scroll properly by waiting 3-4 seconds after every one screen scroll then other options can also work properly. The above demo image is made by the "Auto Scroll" method.

Step 4:
Now I am going with "Auto Scroll" which need one permission other two option not need any permission. Check the "Auto Scroll" option, then one prompt will open which says "Need permission" just click "OK". Then you will be redirected to "Accessibility", click on the "Longshot app option". After that make "ON" for LongShot, this means you allowing "LongShot" to do auto-scroll permission on apps like WhatsApp. Then after ON, one new prompt will open which will mention what LongShot gets to do with this permission. Click "OK", then go back to the LongShot app.

Step 5: 
Now click on Blue box, one new prompt will open which says, "Longshot will capture everything that's displayed on your screen". Now check "Don't show this again" for not getting this prompt again and again will capturing anything. Then click "Start Now".

Step 6: 
Now you can see the "Start" and "Cancel" button on your screen. Go to any app like WhatsApp, click on your chat then click "Start". Now if you want to stop in between you have to click on "Red line" otherwise it will capture till end or image limit. After stopping you will be redirected to the app where your image will be shown, you can do the adjustment by clicking on the "Adjust" button. Just drag the "Adjust" button and do adjustments. If you don't need any adjustment then ignore the dragging "Adjust" button. Now click on Save then your file will be saved in your device.

Where Screenshot image is saved:
Simply go to the gallery you will see the new "LongShot" section, where your image will be saved. It will be in the 4-5 MB image because it captured too many things. If you are not able to find it on Gallery go-to app click on setting icon on the top right corner. Then setting page will open where you can see where your image is saved. In this setting page you can change, directory, Image format, and quality.

Note: Longshot also has a limit on the screenshot, but it can capture a big part of the chat. Sometimes image get collapsed and stop capturing suddenly, in that case, do capture screenshot once again:)
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Thursday, January 9, 2020

How To Show Liked Videos On Youtube

How To Show Liked Videos On Youtube

After 5th December 2019 “Liked videos” on YouTube are private by default. So now you go to YouTube privacy setting you unable to see the "Make Liked Video Private" option. So if you want to show your liked videos publicly then follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to YouTube account in which you want to set liked videos public.

Step 2: Access this link

Step 3: You will be redirected to google page, just scroll down till "Manage what you share on YouTube" which is under "YouTube Settings reviewed option.

Step 4: Now uncheck the "Keep all my liked videos private" option. After uncheck automatically your setting will be saved. Now your liked videos are public:)

If you facing any issue please do comment below!!

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