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My App Rating: 3.5/5


Company: AttaPoll

Charges: Free

Number Of Downloads: More Than 50 Lakhs Downloads On Playstore as of December 2022

Type Of App: Money Earning Application.

Requirements For Using This AttaPoll App: Android mobile phone with an internet connection, PayPal account for payment, Gmail account for registration/login, available worldwide, no age restriction.

Payment Methods: PayPal Only

Minimum Payment: 3$

Registration/Login Methods: Gmail only

What Is AttaPoll App:

AttaPoll is the survey app that pays you for completing the survey. In the survey they ask couple of questions for which you have to give your answers.

Points To Be Noted Before You Start Using AttaPoll App:

You need a PayPal account for getting payment.

You need a Gmail account for registration and login.

You get only limited surveys occasionally.

How Does AttaPoll App Work:

The app has a very simple interface it will give you some surveys. Completing each survey gives you money.

How To Use AttaPoll App:

You will get a survey occasionally. Open the app when you are comfortable taking the survey. But maximum times survey usually not available. Also, you will be notified about survey availability so if you get a notification then try to click on it ASAP otherwise it will become unavailable. Refer following images to understand the steps.

AttaPoll Disqualified At End / Why Is AttaPoll Disqualified Me / Why Does AttaPoll Keep Disqualifying Me / AttaPoll Keep Getting Disqualified:

You are not suitable for the survey.

You are rushing while completing the survey.

The survey had enough requirements for participants.

Different Ways To Earn In AttaPoll:

The only way to earn in this app is by completing the survey.

Attapoll Payment Proof:

The Good Side Of the AttaPoll App:

It pays instantly I mean when you click on the payout. Within 5 minutes it will transfer money to your PayPal wallet.

The survey value is better and more as compared with other survey apps.

The simple interface of the app.

The Bad Side Of The AttaPoll App:

For completing the survey you will get paid but if by any error your reward is not credited then you are not able to contact them like the option available in YSense and Swagbucks.

Most times survey not available.

Not getting. survey availability notification.

If you are disqualified from the survey for the time spent it does not give any compensation like Poll Pay and Swagbucks give.

Is It Worth Your Time?How Much You Can Earn In AttaPoll:

Whenever I am free I try to complete the survey. I get disappointed several times because after spending time sometimes it disqualifies me. So try once and analyze how much time you spend, and how much you are earning. Then decide if it is worth your time or not. In my case, i think it's ok because several times it gives me a good reward for my time.

How Much I Can Earn From EarnApp?:

I earned 10$ in 2-4 months. As you can notice in my payment proof.

How To Contact AttaPoll App

Contact via Mail: Click Here!

Contact via Facebook: Click Here!

Contact via Instagram: Click Here!

Contact via Twitter: Click Here!

AttaPoll App Is Legit? / AttaPoll App Real Or Fake:

As you can check out my payment proof it last paid me on 02 December. I got paid all my earnings from November 2021 to December 2022. So based on my experience, I think this is legit. But still, if it stops paying me future I will update it in this article.

Is AttaPoll Safe / AttaPoll Is It Safe:

Yes, AttaPoll is available on Google Play Store so you can confirm it is safe. Also, the app has 50 lakhs+ downloads.

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