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If you are looking for earning money, then I am sharing the app by which you can earn money. This app's name is Sweatcoin App. With this app, you can earn money for walking and watching advertisements.
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Summary / Sweatcoin App Details / Sweatcoin Wikipedia:
CompanySweatco Ltd
Charges: Free [Fee for Additional memberships]
Number of  Downloads: More than 5 crore+ downloads on PlayStore
Type of App/Website: Walk and Earn application.
Requirements for using this App/Website: Android mobile phone with an internet connection, Facebook or Gmail, or Twitter account for login, Available worldwide.
Payment Methods: Crypto Exchange sites such as OKX or Bitfinex Or FTX Or Ku Coin, Or Bybit.
Minimum Payment: 100 Sweat Coins

Sweatcoin App Review:

Everyone walk might be for health, joy, or for work purposes. I do walk every day for keeping myself healthy. So I searched for an app that actually pays me to walk. I tried several apps unfortunately most of them are useless as some of them just give discounts on products in return which you can get on e-commerce websites. Some of them were not paid to me when I reached the withdrawal limit. Some of them have competitions and randomly selected winners which are very rare to win.

Still, now Sweatcoin is the only app which really worth my hard work. Keeping the walking app uses my phone space also this app offer watch advertisement earn but in the end not even pay. Which frustrated me a lot of time. But as per my experience, Sweatcoin is safe - trusted, and really pays you to walk.

What is Sweatcoin App:

This is a simple app that pays you in crypto for your walk.

Points to be noted before you start:

1) For using this app, you need a Facebook or Gmail, or Twitter accounts to log in because you can register, and log in to the Sweatcoin app only by Facebook or Gmail, or Twitter account.
2) To receive payment from the Sweatcoin app, you need crypto exchange account sites such as OKX or Bitfinex or FTX or Ku Coin, or Bybit.
3) Your mobile device must support GPS.

How do these apps work:

When you complete the walk and watch advertisements. Then you will receive sweat crypto coins.

How to use the App/Website:

1) First, go to the play store and install the app:

Install Sweatcoin App: Click Here!

2) After installing the app, open the application. Now register yourself.

3) Now when you walk you will receive the sweat coins. As of October 2022 value of 1000 steps is approximately 1 sweat coin. The value can change in the future. On the top right, you can see the total amount of crypto you earned.

Will walking you can double your walking reward for 20 minutes every day at once.

Watch the advertisements to earn sweat coins. You will get 3 advertisements every day which will give you a random amount reward.

Another way of earning is by inviting people to this app. You have to share your invitation link and now your invited person needs to install-->use the app then you will receive your 5 Sweatcoin rewards. 
Install Sweatcoin: Click Here! [Join with this link and get a Bonus!]

How much I earned from Sweatcoin?

I started using Sweatcoin in April 2019. Mostly I walk every day and as of October 2022 from April 2019 in total I earned 12500+ coins.

How Much Sweat Coin Earn Per Day?

After watching 3 advertisements, walking 20000+ steps, and using 20 minutes double reward. You can earn approximately 20 coins as of October 2022.

Sweatcoin Walking Limit Per Day / Sweatcoin Daily Limit / Is There A Limit On Sweatcoin?:

Approximately 20000-22000 steps will give you sweat earning. After that, your steps will not receive rewards. But you can extend this limit by their memberships. You will receive a notification once your daily limit is reached.

Sweatcoin Payment Method:

As of  October 2022, you can exchange sweat coin crypto in OKX or Bitfinex or FTX or Ku Coin, or Bybit:

How To Use Sweatcoin / How Does Sweatcoin Make Money:

The coins which you earned you can transfer to the above-listed crypto exchange. Then from the crypto exchange, you can exchange your sweat coin with USDT or you can keep them as investments for the future. But as of October 2022 exchange of approximately 20% of coins is allowed.

You can use your sweat coins in the sweat Shop. Where you get a discount on products and some free products in exchange for sweat coins.

The good side of the Sweatcoin App:

1) This app is easy to use, free, and you can earn money by simple walking-watching ads.
2) The steps count in the app is mostly accurate.
3) Trusted app has more than 5 crores+ of downloads and is more than 4 years old.
4) Not like another fake walking app that just gives a discount reward it actually gives you crypto which you can use.

The bad side of the Sweatcoin App:

1) Minor bugs and 20 minutes double reward option did not work several times.
2) Crash sometimes will work in the background.
3) The value of sweat crypto getting lower so they must try to keep the value high. Such as listing sweat in other exchanges can improve the value of sweat coins.
4) As of October 2022 sweat is only available in 5 crypto exchange platforms. 
6) Only 20% of coins are allowed to exchange.

Is it worth your time:

If you walk regularly then it is surely worth your time. But you need to admit that crypto can become worth like gold or maybe turn into the worth of coal anytime. So if you are keeping it as an investment then keep your mind ready to risk times. If you wanted earn crypto just for the current time then check its current worth and then exchange it with USDT when you receive them in the crypto exchange.

How to contact them: 

If you facing any issues or having any confusion, or you have a pending payment, then contact them via the following methods. They usually respond in 01-02 working days.

Contact Sweatcoin App via Facebook: Click Here!
Contact Sweatcoin App via Instagram: Click Here!
Contact Sweatcoin App via Linkedin: Click Here!
Contact Sweatcoin App via Twitter: Click Here!
Contact Sweatcoin App via Mail: Click Here!

Sweatcoin App Launch Date: 13 September 2022 [Sweat Crypto Coin Launch][The App was released in 2018-2019]

Sweatcoin Price / Sweatcoin Price In Inr / Sweatcoin Value In Rupees / How Much Is One Sweatcoin Worth: Click Here!

Sweatcoin App Legit? / Is Sweatcoin Safe / Sweatcoin App Is Real Or Fake / Sweatcoin App Is It Real
As per my experience, the app is legit and it does pay. The app has more than 5 crores+ of downloads and is more than 5 years old. So I think it is safe and trusted.

I am using the Sweatcoin app for 2019 as of 2022 so I am able to answer any of your Sweatcoin related questions. If you have any questions then comment below I will try my best to answer them.

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