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In this article, I am sharing IMDb's top 10 most rated 2007 Telugu movies. The listing is based on the IMDb rating! This rating and listing are as per 07 March 2022. After 07 March we are not considering updates in rating for updating this list! If you find any mistake just comment down so we will try to solve the mistakes!


Top Telugu Movies 2007:



Happy Days (2007) 🌟 7.9/10 as per 02 February 2022:

Happy Days movie is an Drama movie. Happy Days story is followed by "A group of eight youngsters from an engineering college form an unbreakable friendship after going through various struggles.". Happy Days released on 28 Sep 2007 in India. Happy Days is 153 min long film. Happy Days is directed by Sekhar Kammula. Happy Days is written by Sekhar Kammula. Varun Sandesh, Tamannaah Bhatia, Raahul played the lead main roles in the movie. IMDb rated the movie 7.9/10.

Yamadonga (2007) 🌟 7.3/10 as per 02 February 2022:

Yamadonga movie is an Action, Comedy, Fantasy movie. Yamadonga story is followed by "A lovable scoundrel's life is cut short when he angers the god of death; however, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.". Yamadonga released on 15 Aug 2007 in India. Yamadonga is 185 min long film. Yamadonga is directed by S.S. Rajamouli. Yamadonga is written by D.S. Kannan, Vijayendra Prasad, S.S. Rajamouli. N.T. Rama Rao Jr., Mohan Babu, Priyamani played the lead main roles in the movie. IMDb rated the movie 7.3/10.

Anasuya (2007) 🌟 7.3/10 as per 02 February 2022:

Anasuya movie is an Crime, Mystery, Thriller movie. Anasuya story is followed by "A spine-chilling suspense thriller about a cat and mouse game between a budding journalist and motivated serial killer.". Anasuya released on 21 Dec 2007 in India. Anasuya is 139 min long film. Anasuya is directed by Ravi Babu. Anasuya is written by Ravi Babu, Nivas, Gopalakrishna Paruchuri. Bhoomika Chawla, Ravi Babu, Abbas played the lead main roles in the movie. IMDb rated the movie 7.3/10.

Dhee (2007) 🌟 7.5/10 as per 02 February 2022:

Dhee movie is an Comedy movie. Dhee story is followed by "A guy who is irresponsible was joined to a job of accountent in local rowdy by his farher.he loves the sister of the rowdy after knowing she is having a threat from another local rowdy hero makes a plan to marry her and kil that rowd". Dhee released on 13 Apr 2007 in India. Dhee is 142 min long film. Dhee is directed by Sreenu Vaitla. Dhee is written by Gopimohan, Sreenu Vaitla, Kona Venkat. Vishnu Manchu, Genelia D'Souza, Srihari played the lead main roles in the movie. IMDb rated the movie 7.5/10.

Thulasi (2007) 🌟 5.4/10 as per 02 February 2022:

Thulasi movie is an Action movie. Thulasi story is followed by "The film opens with Thulasi (Venkatesh) bashing up the bad guys led by Rahul Dev at a fashion show held by his now estranged wife Vasundhara (Nayantara). A quick flashback reveals the frothy love story of Thulasi and Vasu and their s". Thulasi released on 01 Jan 2007 in India. Thulasi is N/A long film. Thulasi is directed by Boyapati Srinu. Thulasi is written by Siva Akula, Boyapati Srinu, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao. Venkatesh Daggubati, Nayanthara, Ramya Krishnan played the lead main roles in the movie. IMDb rated the movie 5.4/10.

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