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What is this?


99Acres is India's property site buy property or rent house etc. 99Acres started a new offer by which you can submit the review/experience of your society / locality for your perfect review you will get 150 rupees Paytm.


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Note this before:


1) Cities only considered: NCR, MMR, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad & Chennai (If you write review of any other Indian city you are not eligible to get reward!)

2) Review must has more than 300 characters with negative and positive points.

3) Read community guidelines and terms before starting.

4) Write a loyal review of a place where you lived in past or living in present.


How much time it will take to receive reward:


I wrote review on 11th November 2021 then I received payment on 22 October 2021. So for me it took 20 days maybe for you it will take more days. In this time 99Acres read your review and if they find it is perfect then they give you reward.


99Acres 150 Paytm Payment Proof:


How to write a review?

The review must include positive/negative points of your area/society like railway station distance, transportation availability, shops/malls, developed/developing, freedom of living, parks, cleanliness, police stations, hospital/clinics, school/college, cinema hall (entertainment zone), electricity/water supply, religious spots, church/mosque/temple.


My 99Acres 150 Paytm Review:

"I live in "My City", this area is near by "My City" railway station. Approximately 10-15 walk distance between station and my area. Here you will get all major shops, you able to buy products in affordable prices. You will get several shops as well as road side vendors so based on your financial condition you able to buy products. My locality is kind of better developed and you able to see many buildings. People in my locality are has more modern thinking and you will able to see girls wearing modern clothes with freedom. "My City" is connected with major cities like Sion, Kurla, and Chembur. "My City" has three main gardens. Shivaji garden is very big area where you able to play games and do your exercise walking. This gardens has exercise equipment which you can use to do daily workout. "My City" has four Hindu temple and one Masjid for muslims. For transportation busses rikshaw and trains are majorly available. My area is really clean and you can breathe healthy natural air. Their is one police station for people help. Their is 4-5 clinic and one big government hospitals. Most of house has 24/7 electricity and water supply. Atleast poor homes get water everyday in limited time.

In "My City" their is no mall, cinema hall is present. Also their is no college only school are available."

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