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Bird in the cage and a girl


This is the story of a small village. This village still follows old traditions. People in the village are still not adopted modern culture. In this village there was a girl, her name was Rani. Rani was very much curious about exploring new things. But her family never allow her to go out and explore life. One day Rani got a small newborn sparrow. Sparrow was fallen down from the nest. Little sparrow has broken feathers because of falling from the nest. Now Rani took away little sparrow in her house. Then she took care of little sparrow. After somedays little sparrow got fully recovered but her feathers are still damaged. Her parents told Rani to put a sparrow in a cage so that she can't fly away. "If a little sparrow goes out then other birds easily kill her because little sparrow is very weak." Now Rani put sparrow in a cage. Now Rani and little sparrow had a great time.

One day Rani saw some boys were going for playing games. Rani said her parents she wants to go out for playing games. Her parents said "you are a girl and you are not safe out of this house. Our tradition teaches us girls should stay in the house". Now Rani was very sad because she wanted to go out, but she can't. She saw a little sparrow then she said "we both are the same, people think we are weak so they not allowing us to explore the world. But this is not the truth!". Then Rani opened the cage then little sparrow flies away in the sky. Then Rani also ran away from that village. After that day Rani and little sparrow never came back to home.


"क्या मुझे नहीं पता
कि दुनिया औरतों
के लिए कितनी
मुश्किल है? लेकिन
उसका हल पिंजरे
में कैद हो जाना
नहीं है. पिंजरा तोड़
उड़ जाना है

English Translation:

"I don't know that world how much safe for a woman?
But putting her in the cage is not a solution.
She has to break the cage and fly away.

From Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl (2020) Movie

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