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This tool does not allow or promote using other person video thumbnails. If you want to use another person's video thumbnail then give him proper credit or ask him permission for avoiding copyright strike issues. In YouTube, a creator can make a copyright strike for using his thumbnail or idea of his thumbnail so be careful:)

What is "Youtube Video Thumbnail Downloader"?

This tool allows you to download YouTube videos thumbnail. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to download any YouTube video thumbnails. For using this tool all you need just URL of the video.

How to use "Youtube Video Thumbnail Downloader"?

Step 1:
Paste YouTube video URL in the input box and press submit. Now there will be some images come of video thumbnail with different sizes and quality.

Don't worry you can add video URL in any format as follow:)

Step 2:
Now right-click on any image and click "Save image as..." and For mobile long press on image then click "Download Image". Yes, you are done:)

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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  1. Download youtube thumbnail image with image url:


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