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Note: This article is based on my overall experience and I am not blaming or confirming anything. Just sharing my experience and opinion!

I am using Rozdhan for more than 2 years. I took 4 payments, and all my payments are received. Regarding my recent payment, I requested payment on 13th April 2022 and I received payment on 20th April 2022 so it took almost 7 days to receive my payment.

Rozdhan payment proof:

So as you can see I am using Rozdhan for a long time!

Rozdhan App Withdrawal Limit / Rozdhan App Withdrawal Limit / Minimum Withdrawal From Rozdhan:

The minimum withdrawal limit is 200 rupees. They also introduced energy which must be 200 Thousand or less for withdrawal. You will receive only 180 rupees and 20 rupees will be deducted as tax, transfer charges.

Rozdhan Payment Method:

As per Apil 2022, it only offers payment into the Paytm wallet!

What is Rozdhan:

Rozdhan is a news app that gives rewards for doing different tasks.

How To Earn From Rozdhan App:

1) Daily check-in!

2) App installation, registration!

3) Playing games!

4) Refer and Earn!

5) Read the news and earn!

6) Watch advertisements and earn money.

How Much Can I Earn From Rozdhan:

I usually made daily checks, watch ads, played games, read the news, and sometimes did app installation. But after all this, I mostly receive only up to 1- 2 rupees per day. I never tried a referral program because people mostly do not install apps with recommendations. This type of referral process waste so much time. They actually offer a good amount for referrals but unless you have a YouTube channel or some group it's really hard to collect any referral.

Rozdhan App Refer And Earn:

If you are planning on referring and earning a good amount of money Then also read this, the most referral is worthless if they don't do this!

Now even after installation, your referral needs to do daily check-in for three days. For 1-2 rupees per day earning who will do that? Most of your referrals will simply uninstall the app as soon as they see the app's worth.

Rozdhan App Is Good Or Bad:

I was happy with Rozdhan but it was not worth my time. It never gives me more than 1-2 rupees per day. But I use the app when I watch movies or do exercise. So I was happy with this 2 years relationship. But soon they implemented the "Energy" concept I started feeling unhappy!

What is Rozdhan energy points:

Just like your normal wallet earning now you will get energy for your every task. If you want to withdraw your 200 Rupees you need to have 200 Thousand energy. One time only one 200 rupees delivery is allowed. On a daily check-in, after completing all tasks, you only get 200 - 1000 energy. Now when this was introduced I had 200 Rupees in my wallet. But I was not able to withdraw my amount because I had zero energy. So when I reached my energy of 200 Thousand energy I earned 400 rupees. Now I have zero energy and my 200 rupees are stuck.

Now I don't understand why they simply did not give me my earned money. Why these types of tricks they are playing with users? Now this so-called "Energy" concept completely pissed me off. They tell if I make a referral I will get more energy but I don't want to make a referral. I tried the referral program but people don't join with referral program most times!! Only if you have good groups like a YouTube channel, Facebook page/group, and Telegram groups with more members it's very hard to get referrals.

Is Rozdhan App Real Or Fake / Is Rozdhan Legit:

As I showed above payment proof this is legit and they do payments. I can confirm they do pay users as of April 2022.

Rozdhan Worth My Time? Conclution:

After spending a good amount of time it only gives you 1-2 Rupees per day. If you are happy with this amount it offers and if you are wanted to use this app when you are busy like watching movies or walking or exercising then you can try it. I was really unhappy with the "Energy" trick concept that disappointed me and right now I am planning to break this two years relationship. I just want to tell Rozdhan please be loyal and don't play tricks in relationships!

Hope my review will help you to decide whether to give or not your life's crucible time to Rozdhan or not!!

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