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The Justice Man

The story starts with a police officer Charles. In the city from the last 6 months, more cases of murder and suicide started coming. Now Charles is hired to investigate these cases. Then Charles tried to look into all these death cases and he found one similarity in all cases. In almost all these recently dead people they have one app "Justice Pay - Give justice to your work" on their mobile. Now Charles thought this might be a coincidence but should do more inquiry. So he tried to find about the app. The "Justice Pay" is released just six months before, the user just has to install the app on their mobile. Then on every day, the app will analyze the activities of people on their mobile for research purposes. Then the app pays daily 1$ just for keeping it on their mobile phones. Charles found that more than 10 million people are already installed this app. Most people installed it for earning money.

Charles arranged one Android app development expert for checking this app. This expert found that the app actually collecting all personal data including personal chat, images, videos, contacts, and voice call recordings data as well. Now Charles got information about one suicide survivor. Then Charles gone to meet him, this survivor told him that her husband cheating with her so she decided to do suicide. Now Charles asked about how she got information about her husband is cheating. The survivor said she got one person in the market he showed images and videos of my husband and that girl. Now Charles started thinking maybe someone is exposing the personal secrets so people are taking all these steps.

Charles now tried to find details about the "Justice Pay" owner or developer. But the provided details are fake. Now Charles installed the app and opened it for finding any clue. But in the app, there was no information about the developer or creator. But Charles notices that the app logo looked professional. So Charles downloaded the logo and made a Google image search. Now he got one search result of one freelancer website profile where a professional logo maker put down his works. In all his works section the app "Justice Pay" logo was also there. Now Charles contacts the logo maker regarding information about the person who ordered to create a logo. But the logo maker only had his mail id which had no info. Now Charles asked about the mode of payment done by him. Then the logo maker said it was made with PayPal. So now with PayPal details, Charles got information about the man behind the app. His name was Grayson Lewis. Now Charles remembers that one businessman also had the same name. So Charles tried to find about this businessman.

Grayson Lewis was a big businessman, he was married to Jessica. Two years later they had one son, but after six years of their marriage, they got separated. But the reason behind this separation was never disclosed. Then Grayson's business had a big loss then his company got closed, after that there is no update about Grayson's life. Now Charles visits Grayson's house as per information provided on the internet. But on that house someone else was living, Charles sold the house some years ago. Now Charles contacted Grayson's manager regarding the current address of Grayson. Grayson's manager also had no updates, but his manager given information about one bungalow of Grayson which is outside of the town. So now Charles visited the Grayson's bungalow.

Charles meets Grayson asked him about the app, but Grayson denied about he involved with this app. Now Charles started checking Grayson's laptop in which he got information about Grayson working on the "Justice Pay" app. Then Charles asked "What is this app?" and why he doing all this. Grayson now started telling what happened, he was happy after his marriage, after two years they had one son. But then after 4 years of his son's birth, his son actually started facing some health issues. Now Grayson visited the hospital for a checkup where they got information about his son having kidney failure. Then Grayson tried to give kidney but it was not suitable. Because he was not Grayson's son. From all this year's he was taken care of someone else son. His wife was secretly cheating on him for a long time. After that, he has taken a divorce. Now due to all these incidences, Grayson got depressed then he also loses his business. Because he was not able to focus on his work. So now Grayson wanted to make sure that nobody else should face this what he faced. So Grayson created one app which collects personal data, then he promoted the app by saying will pay money for keeping the app. Now Grayson found any user cheating with the partner he used to collect their affairs proof and deliver proof to the person who got cheated. Grayson was started feeling that he is providing justice to the people which they deserve.

Charles said, "what you are doing that is actually taking people's life". Grayson said this is what they deserve a person who is not loyal to their partners should die. Charles arrested Grayson, then Grayson put into jail. Then Grayson got bail before the judgment and investigation. Now, as soon as Grayson got the bail he escaped from that country. Now the "Justice Pay" app is blocked worldwide. But Grayson has launched his new app "Just for Justice". Because Grayson still thinks he is giving justice to the innocent people who get cheated.

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