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If you read or watch the news then you must notice that almost everyday one news comes which tells a girl/lady is killed, tortured or raped by someone. So you can understand that society is not safe for females. This society is never given justification for females. Like in old days girls are even questioned about clothes which they should wear, how they should talk and how they should live. Still, now people judge and control girls' decisions about what they should wear, how they should live. In the 21st century still, males dominated females. Which you can notice in your society. Life was never easy for female, and don't think it will be. So maybe you have to make some changes for your safety. In this article, I am giving some safety tips for girls by which you can be safe from the bad people.

1) Don't trust anybody:

The biggest mistake most girls make is trusting a person. Never trust early, give some time to judge the person then make your choice. Now if you are sure about the person, still you don't trust someone totally. Always make a second judgment, because a good person can turn into bad under certain circumstances.

2) Learn about self-defense:

You start learning about self-defense it can be by using Karate or by any other fight technique. Start watching YouTube videos that teach about self defence. This is very rare that you coming to this type of situation, but there are chances to prepare yourself before it comes. In self-defense, you can harm a bad person by attacking on weak areas of his body. Like punch on the nose, punch on the neck, punch on stomach or best kick on man private part. Make sure you make your movement suddenly and fast before he catch your move.

3) Keep self-defense devices:

Keep self-defense devices like pepper spray, and self-defense electric shock devices (if it is available and allowed to use in your area). Pepper spray is available on Amazon for less then 5$ price. So Pepper spray is the cheap and best self defence device. Make sure when you are flashing the spray, you falsh into bad person eyes. So that bad guy will be blind at list for some time and your are free to escape. You keep this stuff in your bag or pocket and use it if needed.

4) Avoid going alone in lonely places:

You should avoid meeting alone in lonely places if you not trust the person fully. Most crimes happen in lonely places like on lonely roads. So keep it in your mind that never meet a person alone in lonely places. Meet people in crowded places like a restaurant. If meeting alone is important or necessary then inform someone before you meet and meet in the daytime instead of night.

5) Escape from that place:

If you notice something wrong will you meeting someone or walking on the road then just escape from the place and try to ask for help.

6) Never share personal details with strangers:

You should avoid sharing personal details like address, or contact number with a stranger. Because there are chances that strangers can use this details for completing bad intentions.

7) Avoid going out at night:

You should avoid going out in night if you going then go with a trusted person, don't go alone.

8) Try to negotiate:

This is a point for the situation where a bad person is a thief. So in that case if you had no option remaining then try negotiating, just give the money or jewelry he is asking for. Because your life has much more value as compare with that money or jewelry. I know you surely saw in movies where people fighting with bad people, but in reality not every time you get a happy ending.

9) Make sure you prepared for the worst situations:

If you are in a situation that above all techniques are not helping you, so you should be prepared for this situation. You keep a speed dial with a contact number who can help you in bad times. Nowadays their some apps which send messages or calls with one click. You install this type of apps on your mobile, for bad situations.

Be Happy, Be Safe!


Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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