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The movie stars with a couple dancing together. Suddenly something come and kill the couple. Now, this villa turned into a haunted villa. After so many years Anushka and Madhavan enter the villa for finding a precious painting.
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 Movie Details:

Directed by: Lijo Jose Pellissery
Produced by: O. Thomas Panicker
Written by: S. Hareesh
R. Jayakumar
Based On: Maoist by S. Hareesh

Genre: Thriller
Production Company: Opus Penta
Budget: 03 crore

Box Office: 20 crore

Verdict: Super Hit

Antony Varghese
Chemban Vinod Jose
Sabumon Abdusamad
Release Date: 6 September 2019 (TIFF)
4 October 2019

Running Time: 90 minutes

Does this movie is Family-Friendly: No (Due to violance)

Age Recommendation: 18+ (Due to violance)

Music By: Prashant Pillai

Story: The movie story revolves around the small village people catching the bull.

Movie Review: The movie starts with people who selling beef meat and people purchasing it. Now at one night, they decide to kill another bull for meat. But unfortunately bull ran away in the village will try to kill it. Now the whole movie revolves around people who try to catch the bull. In between catching the bull, some people use the opportunity to take their revenge. The movie shares a thrilling experience of catching bull during Jallikattu. The overall movie does not have much story but sudden thrills and visuals of the bull will keep your interest in the movie. Overall I think the movie is one time watchable you will experience a real-time Jallikattu thrill.

Positive points of the movie:

Great visuals of people catching bull that are plus point of the movie.
Negative points of the movie:

The movie does not have much story it only revolves around the thrilling visuals.

Overall My Rating: 

 I give it 3.5 out of 5.


Others Ratings:

Jallikattu IMDB Rating: 7.6/10
Jallikattu Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 95%

Movie Recommended:

Not Watchable!


Overall I think the movie is one time watchable you will experience a real-time Jallikattu thrill.

It will be great to listen to your comments and opinion on this movie. Drop a comment and tell me what you think about this movie:)

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