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Genre: Inspirational Stories

Who is the Hero?

This is the story of Jonny. Jonny is a simple person he has a girlfriend Lisa. Lisa and Jonny loving each other for a long time. After work, Jonny and Lisa used to meet each other in the park. One day Jonny and Lisa were walking in the park, they were talking with each other. On that day there was some group of boys who seating in the park. Now they saw Lisa and Jonny, for the fun purposes they passed comments on Lisa. Now Lisa got so much irritated with the comment so in anger she said some bad words to the group of boys. Now these boys also got angry then they also started saying bad words. Slowly things got ugly, now Lisa starring at Jonny for his support and response. Then Jonny said "Sorry" for ending the fight and started convincing the boys to leave the matter. Luckily all got settled and the fight was the end.

Lisa found Jonny's act as the weak person, she thought instead of beating the boys Jonny was begging them. Now Lisa started thinking about Jonny as a weak person and she considers Jonny can't protect her in the future. Lisa said nothing about this matter but slowly she tried to stay away from Jonny. After someday, Lisa and Jonny's relationship was broken.

On the other side, Jonny was thinking about not making the argument ugly. Also, he tried not to lead this argument to a physical fight. Also maybe in the future, it can be dangerous for Lisa if these boys find her alone. With all this thought Jonny tried to convincing instead of fighting.

Now the question "Who is the Hero?". Jonny is the hero who tried to protect Lisa by ending the matter peacefully or the person who will fight for Lisa is the hero?

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