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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Time Enna Boss Review

The story starts with a time who wants to play the game with a person life. So now time arranges things like this so that in Bala's life four people come by time traveling.

Alert:  This is non-spoiler review:)
My review is my personal opinion, if you do not agree with my points, then I am really sorry:)

 Movie Details:

Directed by: Subu
Produced by: Kandaswamy Bharathan
Pushpa Kandasamy
Eshwran Vijayaraghavan
Written by: Mahakerthi
Naru Narayanan
Super Subu

Genre: Fiction-Comedy
Production Company: Yet To Update!
Budget: OTT Release!

Box Office: OTT Release!

Verdict: OTT Release!

Bharath Srinivasan as Bala
Priya Bhavani Shankar as Dr.Barathi
Robo Shankar as Killi as
Karunakaran as Buggy as
Sanjana Sarathy as Hannah Clarke as
R.S. Shivaji as Roon Jaham
Alexander Babu as Sandosham
George Maryan as Aalavaayan
Motta Rajendran as Mahatma Gandhi From Earth
Tharani SureshKumar as Deepthi
Dwarak Bharadwaj as Drug Dealer
Muthul Hafeez as Smoke Bhai
Kalpana as Sight Seeing Girl
K.V. Keerthana as Receptionist Suzhali
Varsha Krishnamurthy as Gossip Girl 1-Kaajal
Pavithra Lakshmi as Gossip Girl 1-Sandhiya
Maya Sundarakrishnan as Velleli
Swetha as Sight Seeing Girl
Vaughan as US Boss
Ashok Selvan as Kabir Kannan
Mamathi Chari as House Owner
Abi as Elevator Kid
Preetha Anandan as Kavitha
Aravindan as Gay Colleague
E.M. Arun as Prognetix Boss
Akbar Basha as Bala's Colleague At Club
Rohan Benny as Omlette Customer
Dwarak Bharadwaj as Student
Subramaniya Bharathi as Jilco Waiter
Sanjith Chandrasekar as Student 1-Siddarth
Messy Customer as Jilco Messy Customer
N.S. Dhananjayan as Blind Homeless Dude
Govind as Kingini Mangini Owner
Sai Kamal as Kid
Rajesh Kanna as Drunk Thondan
Kannan as Kannan 4C's
Anusha Karthik as Mule Singer
Hari Krishna as Creepy Stalker
Maya Krishnan as Velleli
Maya Krishnan as Velleli
Prabhu Mani as Bouncer
Manohar as Constable
Meera as Kannan 4C's Mom
Mobin as Thalapathy
Raj Mohan as Parking lot Colleage
Raj Mohan as Parking Lot Colleague
Mubarak as Parking lot Colleague
Mubarak as Parking Lot Colleague
Muthu as Boss
Shegar Narayanan as Omlette Customer
Narayani as College HOD
Nathan as Rural Thug
Nikitha as Elevator Kid
Padmaraj as Poster Thondan
Maha Prabu as DD Case Guy
Radhamani as Bala's Paati
Rahul as Jilco Madurai Customer
Aravind Raj as Inspector
Raja.V as. Jilco Staff
Raju as Sri Mastero Bhavan Owner
Ramalingam as Lift Operator
Ramamoorthy as Doubting Meesai Guy
Kaarthi Ravi as Rural Thug
Saamy as Constable
Sachin as VTV Cameraman
Pallavai Sadanand as Suganthi
Sanmargan as New Enemy At Pub
Kadhai Solli' Satish as Piggy guy
Sengivel as Jilco Waiter
Sharanya as Semma Singer Contestant
Shivajidasan as Thangaratham Sports' Owner
Sreevathsav as VTV Reporter
Sundarnath as Quiz Master Parthasarathy
R. Surya as Semma Singer AD
R. Thiyagaraja as Loosu Student
Velu as Parking Lot Colleague 3
Vigneshwar as Gay Colleague
Vihana as Kid
Vignesh Vijayan as Britto
Yeshwanth as Creepy Stalker's Friend
Zia as Jilco Madurai Customer
Release Date: September 18, 2020

Running Time: 27 minutes/episode (Total - 10 episodes)

Does this movie is Family-Friendly: Yes

Age Recommendation: 13+

Music By: Madley Blues

Story: The story revolves around a person in his home 4 people came by time traveling.

Movie Review: The story starts with a time who wants to play the game with a person life. So now time arranges things like this so that in Bala's life four people come by time traveling. Bala is an IT worker suddenly people start coming from his toilet. Killi came from the king-queen old times, Buggy a robot who came from the future, Dr. Bharathi came from the 90s and Hannah came from British ruling time. Now the story revolves around how they live their lives in the current times. Series as 10 episodes all has some unique topic. A very nicely made series, which has good comedy. All Actors did a good job, specially Bharath Srinivasan as Bala played his role nicely. Overall if you are a fan of comedy series then you must watch this series.

Positive points of the movie:

A unique story that you not seen before and good acting is done by Actors.
Negative points of the movie:

Some more twists and turns are expected in the series.

Overall My Rating: 

 I give it 4 out of 5.


Others Ratings:

Time Enna Boss IMDB Rating: 5.3/10

Movie Recommended:

Not Watchable!


Overall if you are a fan of comedy series then you must watch this series.

It will be great to listen to your comments and opinion on this movie. Drop a comment and tell me what you think about this movie:)

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