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If you are a beginner in using Notepad++ then you might be want to know about how to save your HTML code in Notepad++. So in this article I am sharing how to save HTML code in notepad++.

First, open a new Notepad file by pressing Ctrl + N button or by going to File --> New.

Now write your HTML code. 


Now for saving your file press Ctrl + S button or by go to File --> Save. Now write your file name and select .html option from the dropdown in Save as type. Make sure file name has .html extension then  press Save. Now your HTML code file is saved.


Now just go to the location where your file is saved. If you don't know where is the file location then right-click on the notepad++ tab and select Open Containing Folder in Explorer. This will open your notepad++ file folder.


Now for running your HTML code right click on your file and select Open With --> select browser. If you comfortable with default file browser then just double click on the file.



Now our HTML code will show like this:



Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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