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Genre: Kids Stories 

Two Wishes!


Joy is an 8-year-old boy. Joy's mother wakes him up daily in the early morning. At breakfast he wants chocolate but his mother gives him milk and bread. Joy not like study but every day his father takes his tuition. For a single mistake, Joy gets punishments by his mother, father, and sister. He started hating his family.
One day at the backyard Joy seen one crow flying and holding one golden lamp in his foot. Joy throw stone on crow then crow left the lamp from his foot. Then the lamp falls on the ground. Joy took a lamp and started cleaning it. Suddenly Genie came out of the lamp and asked Joy for two wishes. Joy said "I want to stay alone", Genie did that.
Now Joy was alone he started sleeping till late, playing video games, eating chocolate, doing what he wants. After two days he started missing his family. Now there is nobody to punish him but also there is nobody to love him, take care of him and nobody whom he can share his problems and happiness. He scratched the lamp again and asked wish "change all things like before", Genie did. Joy given tight hug to his mother and father. He started crying and telling "I love you, Mom and Dad!". Joy's mother and father watching him with a surprising face.

When someone with us, we never understand their value, we feel only when they are far away.

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