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Friday, August 14, 2020

Two Love Wishes!



Genre: Love


Two Love Wishes!


Harry and Emma are friends for 5 years. Now Harry realized he is in love with Emma. But he is scared about the rejection and reaction of Emma. He decided to message her on messenger and propose her so that he can share his feeling without fear. One night he proposed Emma on messanger via some text. Emma replied to him after 1 hour, saying she is already in love with someone else. Now Harry was very sad, he doesn't know what to do. He tried to forget Emma, tried so many ways but still, it's impossible for him to forget her.

One day he read on newspaper regarding "Love well". This well complete two wishes from a true lover. He visited the well location, he dropped one coin and wished for "Emma start loving him..". The next day Emma called Harry and accepted Harry's love. This change in Emma was because of the wish. Now Harry was happy, he got what he wished for. Emma was loving him, and it was happy moments of his life. But now Harry realized Emma was not happy because she loves someone else. Magic was only reason she was with Harry. Now Harry visited well location again he dropped another coin wished to change all things like before. Now Emma was not with Harry, but she was happy. Harry was not happy, but he was satisfied that Emma is happy. 


Love with the body is temporary!

Love with the soul is permanent!

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