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Genre: Fiction


Room no.208

We lost all hopes. After world war 3 between humans and aliens, aliens undertook different countries of the earth. They started ruling on humans, they made their own rules.
Humans got divided into teams by aliens. Every team has different work like construction, food, weapons, and technology. I belong to the weapon team. We work 16 hours in a day without leaves without holidays. Aliens destroyed all human-created things and started making their own things. Some countries still independent they not undertaken by aliens. We live with the hope these countries will help us to get freedom. There was another hope Room no.208. Every day one person get opportunity to go inside Room no.208. A person who goes inside the room they gets freedom, they never come back. Every person wants to go inside this room.
It was my day to go to room no.208. I was happy I am getting freedom. I went inside the room, sometime later I understood they going to kill me. I escaped from that room. I met my friends, told them inside room no.208 aliens not giving freedom they killing people every day.
Suddenly the bell rang Mathematics lecture over. I opened my eyes I came out from my imaginations. I was wanted to continue with my imagination so in break time I continued.
We all of us understood aliens not going to give freedom. One by one they going to kill all of us. We tried to contact other countries but no one ready to help. Now there's only two options go against aliens else die every day. We made a plan, every team got their duty. The food team started giving slow poison to aliens, the weapon team started supplying fake weapons and storing real weapons, the technical team started damaging their security.
Unfortunately, aliens understood we are planning to go against them, then aliens call some of us in one place. Then with weapons, they are started killing us, but some of them have fake weapons and with slow poison now they are weak. With original weapons we started killing them. Other people also joined. Because security was damaged all people free to move around. We all fight together against them then we won. In this fight most people died we thankful to them throughout our life. Now we was independent. We don't have fear of anybody. If aliens come again we are enough to fight. Then I came out of my imagination. 


Be in your imaginary world. 

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