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Genre: Fiction 

Journey to find god!
I love Lisa from a long time. One day I proposed her, she said yes for marriage, then we married. We were happy together, those days were the best days of my life. When I started thinking, I got everything in my life. Then John came into my life. John was my son, he doubled my happiness. My son and wife are my whole world. But one day I was at the office I got a call "Lisa and John died in an accident". I understood nothing can happen everything was already over.
I stopped going office, meeting friends I spent my days in a lonely dark room. My mother-in-law came into my room she said: "I don't know why God did this but now you have to move on!". I thought why God did this? I want the answers, I need to find god.
I mate father in the church I told "I want to talk to Jesus" father said "Tell your problem to Jesus, he will hear you and solve your problem".  But I was wanted to talk to him face to face. I went in masjid there was one old man I gone near to him told "I want to talk to Allah" he smiled and said "Allah is watching you tell him what you want he will fulfill all your thoughts". I understood I'll unable to talk face to face with Allah.

Now I tried on the internet there was written we able to meet god at Himalayan at Himachal Pradesh. I took that address and gone Himachal Pradesh to the address. I started walking to Himalaya, god temple was at the top. Then some people stopped me told don't go because that day atmosphere was not good, so any bad incident can happen. I was not having care of my life in that time I was ignored that warnings and started moving forward. Suddenly one girl came near me she told: "I also want to meet god, I'll come with you". I said "ok!"

In this journey, she not talked  but I told her everything about myself. She said nothing about herself or about her problem. Suddenly ice was flooding down we both helped each other to stay alive. With some injuries, finally, we reached the top. There was one old man he was seated. He was looking like he not had been shaved and cut hairs for a long time. We said namaskar to him.
I said: "Namaste! My wife and son were my worlds but you killed them why you did like this."

God: "No one killed them when a person born it's decided when he will die."

I: Now I don't have any reason to live.

God: Everyone has a problem in their life. Don't find a reason to die find a reason to live!

I: You are a god?

God: I am not god I am a simple person like you. People gave me a god position in their hearts.

I: Then where is God?

God: He is present in your heart. When you help someone, god present in you. When you bless your juniors that time god present in you. Every time you do any good things God will present in you. God is always watching you and he will give you reward for good things which you did, he will punish you for bad things which you do.

I: Why God did not help me! Why he just watching but not helping?

God: This is your game you need to play. When you play any game if you come to losing the situation then you say another person to play your game? Life is the same as that! This is your game you need to play it alone!
I got my answer, I seen that girl and thought what is her problem? She came near she was started telling her problem.
Girl: "My parents want to do my marriage, but no men like me. Dozens of marriage proposals came but no men accepted me has a wife. My parents think I am a burden in their life. Please help me!"

God: Everyone in the world is living because of hope. If you don't have hope you can't live. So just never lose hope. One day you will get what you want!
I was surprised what a joke she has put her life in danger for this silly reason. She came to me with a disappointed face. We both said namaskar to god I mean to that guy then we both started moving down. Then-
I: You are sad for that silly reason haha!

She: You think it's a silly reason? No one can understand other person's problem. You can marry another girl then your problem gets solved right!

I: I am sorry! I talked too much. I hope your problem get solved soon.

She: I hope same!
Then after that, she was got comfortable then she started telling about herself. It was a good time spent with her. Finally, we reached down of mountain then "she said I am going home". Then she left.
I got my answer but still, I was not happy. Suddenly I remembered one thing which that old man said "Find a reason to live!" and that girl was my reason. The time spent with her was amazing when she was with me. I wasn't feeling lonely. I realized I lost my family first time this time I will not lose my family again. I was started finding her. I was tried in different places but not got her. But I was having hope which made me find her again and again. Finally, I got her first I convinced her to marry me then I convinced her family. Finally, they all said ok! Now she is my wife and we have one small baby.
With this journey, I am not mate the god but I understood who is a God!

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