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What is is a platform that allows users to write an article and publish it. It's like Facebook but instead of uploading photos and videos, you are uploading the articles. All your published article get views from the Google based on your content.

What Is The Use Of

If you have any website, or the product then you can write an article in Medium. Then in the article, you can give a referral link. For example, you have a website that has content about Hollywood celebrity's biography. Now you wrote an article in Medium regarding one celebrity and you given your website link at the end of the article. Now if anyone loves your article then definitely he will access your website for more articles. Also, you can use Medium has affiliate marketing, like if you want to sell any product, then write an article regarding the product and give the affiliate or product link. The best part of Medium is good content get first-page ranking in Google, so you get more views.

How to use

Step 1: First open this link and login if you are already registered otherwise press on create new account. You can Sign in or Sign up with Facebook, Gmail or Email any method as per your comfort.

Step 2:  Let's assume you are new user, please skip this step if you are already registered user. I registered myself with any of the platform(Facebook, Mail or Gmail) in next page it will ask me for My name and mail id. By writing name and mail id click on Create Account. Your registration is successfully done.


Step 3: First go to Setting by clicking on Profile icon --> Settings.



In Setting write Bio and give image to your profile. Write Bio which describe yourself example: I am is a freelance writer from the USA I write articles on Tutorials, Latest technology updates, and product reviews.

Step 4: Now you are ready to write your first article go to Profile icon --> New Story.



Now first write Title for your article, then write content for your article. By pressing + logo you can add photo, video or any code. 



Free images medium: If you don't have images then you can add copyright free images from Unsplash. Just press on search logo and write which image you looking then press enter. Now list of free images will show to you, now press on image then it will added to your post.


If you want to add any post from social media then simply copy link of the post and press of <> logo and paste your link then press enter. This will add social media post in your article.



Now write as much content you can write, big content is always better. Then in the end of article write something like for more visit my website or purchase the product from and add your website or product link. 


I recommend THIS article as example of perfect article.


Step 5: After writing your content first read your article for errors.  Now after confirmation of content then press on publish button. Add proper image for your article then add tags for your article. If your tags not showing in recommendation then click enter your tag will be added. You can add up to 5 tags, give relevant tags to your article. Example: I will give cats tag if my article is on cats. After giving image and tags press publish button. Your article is published now.



Now if anybody like your article then he will do claps for your article. If you are reading any post for appreciation you can clap, but you can clap up to 50 times per post. Also you can add comment if you want to say anything:)


What not to do in has some terms and condition which you can read from HERE. If you violate their any medium rules they will suspend your account.


As you can see above medium suspended my account because I tried to do spamming. I added some articles which has less content and more links. So don't try to spamming of links, also write good content. Make sure you not adding unnecessary links in your article.


How to save my article in drafts:


If you writing article but now looking for some break. So you can close the tab, because all unpublished articles are saved in drafts. So don't worry on the time of writing article your article is saving on draft. If you want to access this draft article then click on Profile icon --> Stories. This will show you all your draft and published post. Simply click on your article and continue writing.

How to report article in


If you find a member post or account on Medium that violates medium rules, then flag it. Also, you can send an email to [email protected].


What to do if Medium account is Suspended:


You can appeal for activate your account by mailing team on [email protected] if possible they will restore your account. Write mail something like this:


Hello, My account got suspended, I think I violated the terms and conditions. I was not familiar with the rules that are the main reason behind this. I read all terms and conditions. it will be a big favor if you activate my account. I will not going to repeat this again!

My account connected with [email protected]

Thank You


But in my case they not activated my account. So be careful and not violate medium rules.



Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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