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In this article I am telling how to add a link in pinterest description? I make it simple, as shown in the following image if you want your website link in the description of Pinterest page. Then this article is for you!! Benefit of doing this is your user simply can access your website via page, also you get a No-Follow backlink from Pinterest:)

For this follow this steps:

1) Log into your Pinterest account.

2) Click the directional chevron down icon at the top-right of your screen(on side of your profile), then click Settings

3) Click on Claim tab from the left-side navigation

4) Enter your website url link under Claim your website and click Claim

5) Then two options come:
  • Click Add HTML tag to copy and paste HTML code into your website’s index.html file
  • Click Upload HTML file to download a file and upload it to your website’s directory

choose one option and complete it for verify your claim!

Like if you select first option simply copy the code and paste in you Index.html page for WordPress and in Blogger paste it to Theme page.

If you select second option then download the file and upload it to your website directory!

6) Now Click Next and Click Submit

Now it says with in 24 hours your website will be verified. But as I experienced they do this instantly:)

After your claim verified you will see your website link in description. After verification you will get following email:

Now you can also check your website performance Analytics:)

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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