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Genre: Love

After 5 years our college reunion is happening. I am very excited also curious about what my friends are doing nowadays. We all got a message about this reunion and this was planned by my friend's group. The day came of reunion, my friend's home was decided as the spot of the party. I reached the place seen all are happy, talking with each other, some eating food, and some are dancing. My friends saw me and they welcomed me. We seat and started talking about what's happening in their life. We spent almost 2 hours just talking.

Suddenly my friend Josh came. I welcomed him, he was one of my best friends. We all were busy after college, I remember rarely I talked with any of my friends in these five years. Josh and I started talking about each other. Josh told me he working as a photographer. We talked for sometimes, then I asked him about his personal life. I asked him what's happening with his love life? I remember he was in love with a girl named Lisa, I asked him about Lisa. I asked him "is he proposed her?" Jose was silent, I saw Lisa was joined the party with one guy. I said Jose what happened you proposed her, you and Lisa were good friends at that time. Jose after some silence said she rejected his proposal. She said she does not have any feelings about him. I asked Jose "do you still love her?".

He said I am trying to forget but still I can't. He added still every day he think about her, he knows now she having boyfriend. But it's impossible for him to forget her. I was surprised at how someone can love someone this much. I don't know why Lisa rejected him. All I know it was a slap on Jose face by Lisa. Which he unable to forget. I wish he given his love to someone who really deserves it!

Love is a gift, give it to someone who deserves it!!

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