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If you wrote some articles, and now you want to show one article above others or want to show the last article at first. Then this article is for you.

So for arranging your post, follow these instructions!

First login to your blogger account, now open the post which you want to show at first or any place. Now based on the place where you want to arrange it change the publish date of the article, click "Done" and press "Update". But your publish date should be one or more days newer than your previous post where you want to do arrangement.

Example: As shown in Image my first post was published on assuming 10th July, now second post published on 11th July. So now if I update my first post published date as 12th it will appear above the second post!! This way if you change the publish date of the last post as a newer date then your first post then the last post will appear in the first position.

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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