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If you want to check WhatsApp messages and status without showing you are online or without showing you were online. Then this article is for you:)

1) Does opening WhatsApp without internet consider as being online or as last seen?

Actually, No if you opening WhatsApp without internet and reading messages. Then this time is not consider as your last seen or not show as you are online. Your last seen will be the time when you open WhatsApp with the internet. But without the internet you not able to download sent images or not receive any latest messages.

2) Checking Whatsapp Status Without Appearing Online:

Yes, actually WhatApp runs in the background it mostly downloads WhatsApp status videos, images all in the background and stores them in the database folder. So you open Whatsapp without internet and able to watch your previously seen WhatsApp status and some latest Whatsapp status which is automatically downloaded.

3) Does checking WhatsApp messages without internet show as the message read?

Actually, if someone sent you messages, and you want to read them without showing them you read the messages. Now if you turn the internet OFF and check messages, then this will not consider as you read the message. Now you closed your WhatsApp, but as soon as when you turn ON the internet it will show as you read the message.


WhatsApp shows a single grey colored tick () as the message sent.
WhatsApp shows a double tick grey colored () as the message received.
WhatsApp shows a single tick blue colored tick () as the message read.

So, now John sent a message to Lisa. Lisa turns OFF her internet and opens WhatsApp to read the message sent by John. Now John only has double grey colored tick "". But as soon as Lisa closes WhatsApp but turns ON her internet, WhatsApp will understand the message as read and John will see double blue colored tick "".

How To Check Whatsapp Without Showing Online?

1) Read messages by notification Menu:

In Android mobiles, you get notifications when you receive messages. You can drop the upper menu and see all your notification messages. Which will not consider as message read or not as your last seen.

2) Turn off the internet and check WhatsApp messages:

You can simply turn OFF the internet and check received messages, which will not consider as you were online or read messages. But when you turn ON your internet messages consider as read.

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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