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What is Amazon Affiliate Program:

Amazon is an e-commerce website that sells products online. Amazon Affiliate Program is the way by which users can earn by referring to Amazon products. I mean if any user recommends someone to purchase a product by sharing their affiliate link, then the user will get some commission when a person purchases the product. The commission will be based on the product price. Check out the Amazon affiliate program commission rate from HERE.

Why Amazon Affiliate Program is Important:

If anybody wants to earn money online then Amazon Affiliate Program is a very good option for them. There are so many bloggers who are want to make money online, they can do this by adding Advertisement on the website. Like Google Adsense, or any other advertisement platform. But the problem with Adsense is they not give approval to many websites based on website categories, language, and visitors. Also, most times Adsense ban users because of multiple reasons. Now for such bloggers, they can add Amazon ads/Articles/Reviews on their website and earn money. This is also very useful for people who not have a job or they are house makers.

Who can use the Amazon Affiliate Program:

Any person who creates an account on Amazon can able to use the Amazon Affiliate Program. There is no age restriction for the Amazon Affiliate program.

Requirements For Amazon Affiliate Program:

You just need Amazon account, active good traffic website, blog, app, or YouTube channel:)

Can You Join Amazon Affiliate Program Without A Website:

Yes, you can join Amazon Affiliate Program Without Website. So as an alternative you can use the YouTube channel.

How to use Amazon Affiliate Program:

1) First, visit the Amazon website, based on your country, like for the United Kingdom, for India, etc. You can simply visit and select your country. Note if you select to use the wrong country that will give you trouble in the future.

2) In the Amazon home page, search for the "Affiliate program" which is present in the downside of the page in the "Earn Money with Us" section.

3) Now after clicking the "Affiliate Program" it will ask for login, if you don't have an account then register yourself with the right details. Otherwise, use your previously registered account. Now you just have to recommend the people, and you earn a commission when they purchase:)

How To Recommend Products On Amazon:

After register for the affiliate program, when you browse any product you get a recommendation link. This link you can share by any platform. If someone uses this link, and purchase anything, then you get a commission.

Amazon Affiliate Program Minimum Payout:

In India, Amazon Affiliate Program minimum Payout is 1000 rupees via NEFT.
Via cheque minimum payout is 2500 rupees.
Once you reach a minimum of 1000 rupees limit till the end of the month they will send you money to your bank via NEFT.

How Much Commission Does Amazon Pay Affiliates?:

Almost 10% of product value you will get a commission. But for some products, this commission differs.

Amazon Affiliate Program When Do I Get Paid?

All the payments are done monthly if your balance meets the minimum threshold. Every month payment will get credited till the end of next to next month. Ex. January money will be credited to your bank till March-end. But if you did not reach the minimum threshold till the end of the month then they will not get paid.

Where I get my Affiliate Program money?

You will get all your money in your bank account through NEFT. All your money will be added to your bank once reached the minimum payout limit. You also can use the option of cheque, where payment sends to you via cheque.

When Will I Get My Amazon Affiliate commission on Product?:

If you recommend someone, they purchased your product. Then after the product is shipped, then your commission will be credited.
How to make people purchase with your link:

1) Recommend your friends/relative who are not live in close distance to you. Tell them to purchase with your link.
2) Write blogs, Ex. "Best smartphones in the range of 100$". So if someone read your article, impressed with your recommended photo he simply purchases with your link. You also can put Amazon banner ads, on your website, by which if your traffic clicks on Ads and purchase you get money:)
3) Make videos on YouTube, Ex. "Best microphone for YouTubers", also you can review any product. Then give a product link in the description. That's it someone impressed they will purchase with your link:)
4) You can also do advertising of Amazon products like you have taken Adsense ads for selling Amazon products. So someone clicks on Ads and purchase you get money:)

Amazon Affiliate Program Not Working:

If you facing any issue for creating an affiliate link or you did not get a commission for selling products with your link. Then contact Amazon customer support by Clicking Here they will help you!

1) If your made sold with your link but violated any rules then you will not get a commission. Like you made purchase your product closely related people then it's a violation of terms.
2) If order canceled before shipped, you will not get a commission.
3) Still, your order is probably not yet shipped so your commission is not credited.
4) If someone took a refund by returning the shipped product. Then your commission will not be credited.

What not to do in Amazon Affiliate Program / Amazon Affiliate Program Guidelines:

1) Don't try to scam: People mostly try to scam and earn money. Like purchasing any product for your use, and you are purchasing with your affiliate link. But now Amazon can catch your scam based on your contact number, address, or by other things. If Amazon catches this simply without warning Amazon will ban your account, also all your affiliate money will not be given.

2) Don't write the wrong details: Never try to add the wrong details will registering or ordering products. If Amazon catches this simply without warning they will ban your account, also all your affiliate money will not be given.

My Experience by Amazon Affiliate Program:

I had a bad experience in starting, I was a new user. I purchased a product for myself by my affiliate link with a different Amazon account. For the first 2 products I got the commission money, then suddenly my account was banned for violating rules. I mean they probably catch my scam because I given the same area address for delivery. So I suggest don't try to scam, do honest work. After that I created another account, I put Amazon links on my website. I rarely get someone to click and purchase products. In 1000 visitors, sometimes some people click and rarely some purchase. So it's not easy work, it needs lot's patience and work.

Is The Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It:

For me, it's worth my time, I spend time writing articles, and sometimes I get my reward when someone purchases with my link. But I suggest it's a long process, not every day you get a reward, not all people purchase products. Rarely people purchase with your link so it needs lots of patience. If you manage your time properly then this is worth your time.

Does Amazon Affiliate Program Work:

Yes, they give commission as they promised based on product purchased. Amazon is a trusted, big company they will definitely pay you if you working honestly.

Amazon Affiliate Program Helpline Number:

Click Here, simply contact them and tell them about your problem/query.

Hope this helps you, if you have any query please do comment below:)

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